Looking for USTZ Pilots that mine and pvp

Safe mining deep inside Imperium protected space. Plenty of pvp action for small gang, gate camp, blop action, and large fleets… whatever your poison. Small, tight knit, and respected corp with a functioning agenda that honestly allows you to make isk, integrated into large, stable alliance.

I couldn’t care less what your skill points are, how many years you’ve played, how many huge corps/alliances/wars you’ve been in. Are you going to log in to Eve and actually be a part of this corp and not some stranger no one knows in the corp list? If so then contact me in game.

Do you have a mandatory requirement to participate in voice chat, eg discord, mumble, ts ?

If it’s a fleet ops yes of course that goes without saying, or any other time that voice would be necessary to ensure the safety of our pilots. Do I insist you sit with a headset on 24/7 telling me about the size of your cats hairballs? No.

That said, if you are the type to log in to the game and not say a word to anyone, or never engage in conversation in Discord then we’re not the corp for you. We succeed because we are a tight knit group of in game friends and as such want to see each other succeed as a team.

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