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(Nano Spartan) #1

I’m looking for a West Coast Tz English speaking corp. About me I have lived everywhere in eve. I have 3 accounts that can fly almost everything & do almost everything. I like small gang PVP, and some industrial activities. I’m military stationed in Hawaii on shore duty. What I am looking for in a corp is simple. No Drama, Active players, and group activities. I don’t mind mining if its a corp activity but I wont mine alone. Lastly I have a headset and am used to ts3,mumble,discord,etc.

(Chico Isagar) #2

Wild.Hunt Alliance is kicking open its doors to corporations and individuals!

What/Who/Where Are We?
We are community first and a PVP alliance second.
We hold SOV NULL in the beautiful region of Fountain.
We actively aim to maintain incomes and content for our members,
and leadership works to maintain transparency, minimizing under the table rub and tug.
We are an alliance member of the Heathens coalition, other members include Iron Armada and Feign Disorder; both of which are also PVP communities.

What Do We Offer?

  • Upgraded SOV NULL
  • Low Taxes
  • Hands On Leadership
  • Regular Small Gang Roams and Large Scale Fleets
  • A Short Blue List
  • Funloving Community

What Do We Ask?

  • Utilize The Space We Fight For!
  • Fight For The Space We Utilize!
  • Follow Corporation and Alliance CoD!
  • Contribute To The Community
  • Train Into and Fly Our Doctrines
  • TS3/Discord

Newer bros ( & alphas ) are welcome, we will train you and teach you how to enjoy EVE. Understand that upon joining, you will enter a probationary membership period, corporation CEOs will lift this at their own discretion. Understand also that we are primarily an omega community, we aim for all members to become omega.

Member Corporations Include:

  • The Cwn Annwn
  • Gods -n- Monsters
  • Nihil Ad Abyssi
  • Creative Winning I.N.C
  • Lagese Smuggling Co
  • Laughing Jackass
  • The Last Void

Join our alliance discord ( linked below ) and introduce yourself!

(Seraph Essael) #3

Yo Nano, glad to see you coming back to wormholes.

Drop by “SPIN PUBLIC” and / or mail me directly for for a chat. We’re a wormhole corp with a fair sum of activity in prime US Timezone. Several pilots playing in the West TZ that are ex military too.

We have no drama, good fleet etiquette and rolling Saturdays!

Swing by, have a chat, ask questions about our corp and have a laugh in our channel.

Hope to hear from you mate.

(system) #4

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