Looking for wormhole corp


I’m looking to take my first steps into WH space.

High sec mining- tried it, boring.
High sec Indy - tried it, boring.
FW - tried it, was dead.
RvB - tried it, had fun. Can’t sustain without RL £££.

I’ve been told WH space can be good fun.

I’ve recently sold all my stuff so will be starting from scratch with a little bit of isk.

I’m looking for a corp that is willing to teach me about living in WH space.

I am GMT time zone and can be active from 1900/2000 GMT most nights.


what about a war in null?

Wormhole Sterilization Crew is always looking for more people to join their corp. In-game channel: Sterilization Room.


Check us out Nothing on D is recruiting for WH PVP Pilots

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