$**Looking to buy multiple toons with cap skills 5-30 mill SP**$

Hello, I am looking for multiple cap pilots. I have isk for the following:

1X Super Carrier / Carrier pilot: Gal/Amar preferred - but can make a deal for the right shield pilot - between 5 and 30 mill SP

1X Titan Pilot : Gal/Amar Preferred - but can make a deal for the right shield pilot between 15-30 million Sp - can buy lower SP depending if they have the titan SB injected or not.

2X FAX Pilots: No type preferred However looking for 1 armor and 1 shield - between 5 and 30 mill SP

2X Dread Pilots: No type preferred However also looking for 1 shield and 1 armor - between 5 and 30 million SP

1X Jump freighter pilot between 5 and 20 million SP type does not matter

Even if you toon does not have cap skills but good core skills that will give me a jump start into training a cap I am interested. If this is the case please post your toon here: $**WTB Pilots With Good Core Skills Between 5-30 Million SP**$

If your toon can fly more than one of the types of caps listed above I am still interested I view that as a positive.

If you are interested in selling one of the above mentioned pilots please link your eveboard and confirm that you are for sale. Also please mail this toon (Alocose) with a general price you are looking for. I will be trying to check this thread every day, but do have RL obligations so if I dont get back to you right away please be patient. Thank you and Fly Safe.

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