$**WTB Pilots With Good Core Skills Between 5-30 Million SP**$

Looking to buy toons with good core skills. I am looking to turn them into specific cap toons so good drone, navigation, gunnery, missiles, armor, shield, Engineering, Targeting, Neural Enhancement skills is what I am looking for (Basically anything that will give me a head start in training the cap pilots). Some where between 5-30 million SP is what im looking for I need 6 toons total to train for caps so if you are a little over 30 mill SP as long as there are some cap related skills I am interested. If you have fully or partially trained cap pilots I am still interested, if this is the case please post your toon here: $**Looking to buy multiple toons with cap skills 5-30 mill SP**$ Please Link your eve board in this thread and send myself (Alocose) an in game mail with a general price that you are looking for. I will be trying to check this thread a few times a day, but due to RL obligations It may take me a day or two to get back to you so please be patient. Thanks and Fly Safe.

Check me out

How about me, JDC 5 and JFC 5. some of the worst skills to trade for caps already done

Hit me up if interested


How about me also, Storm Kuovo’s alt lol


Good support skills.



maxalpha caldari, i send you a message with character Debbie walker

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