Looking to buy some ships and fittings that go with ships in description and the skills needed

republic fleet firetail cruor navy issue omen navy issue harbinger a worm a iteron mark v an oracle and a Armageddon and a bhaalgorn and a fleet issue typhoon and typhoon and victory edition rattlesnake and navy issue scorpion and a drake and a ferox and naval issue drake and a myrmidon and a fleet issue hurricane and a condor for skills caldari battlecruiser 1 and 2 amarr battleship 1 minmatar battlecrusier 1 minmatar battleship 2 gallente destroyer 1 and 2,3 and gallente cruiser 1,2,3 and gallente battlecruiser 1,2,3 and caldari battleship 1 and capital ships 1 and minmatar carrier 1 and and some t2 medium weapon skills and shield skills and the skills needed to fly a fenrir i know on some skills the list like capital ships 1 and minmatar carrier 1 and advanced spaceship command 1 and minmatar freighter 1. spaceship command 1 and minmatar freighter 1 are required to fly fenrir jump freighter i am a alpha and will be getting omega clone status back soon for i will transport anything using the iteron mark v for anyone who contacts me as payment i will be in amarr space so use and amarr

So you want fittings and a list of skills required for each of the ships listed?
Fitted ships?

I think you’ll benefit greatly from some punctuation, my guy.

How much are you paying?


as i said i can fly an iteron mark v and here’s a link to my eve board page you can check what ships i can fly and what i cant look under ships tab i pay in transport and isk and make the ships budget fitted ships as i dont have much isk and willing to pay with the transport contracts overtime but i am willing to pay isk for items sorry for bad grammar

will pay 1mil isk for everything listed and a nithoggur

why not sell the nid and buy the stuff yourself? you can probably sell the nid for a billion or so fast, and if you go to jita you can find all the stuff you want to buy

yeah i would go to jita but did you check to see what all that was worth
at market price and i got a sigil aslo i was looking to buy a nid

You need to use your in-game corporate chat: talk to some friend, ask questions, learn the basics…

well my corp is for faction warfare so someone mentioned to sell nidhoggur in jita but i did a market check and to see if there were any buyers in domain and yes in ashab the citadel but i will check for all ships listed and skills listed

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