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Quick question. I haven’t played in years. Well, I tried getting back into Eve a month ago or so, but it ain’t happening.

I still own a Minmatar Dread. I was thinking to give it away but I guess I’ll need a contract: can that be done without an Omega subscription? Mine ran out and I don’t have enough ISK.

Alas that also means I can’t undock it in order for it to change hands. Else I would have left it somewhere for a lucky finder.

Is it possible to give my Dread to someone so it doesn’t go to waste? I also have a bunch of other rare ships such as Barghests if anyone wants them.

You can create one outstanding private contract as alpha and it costs 10K ISK to do so. You can contract fitted ships no issue just right click the ship in your hangar (or several) and can even add stuff from your item hangar too if you want to into the contract (like fuel or whatever or have everything in the ship’s cargo hold if it has enough space for everything).

The recipient can accept it from anywhere but obviously will have to go to the location (npc station or player structure) to pick it up (or board the ship and fly it out) meaning if it is a player structure they need docking access to actually get inside (though it is probably in nullsec or such meaning they can use asset safety to get it out to lowsec or such for a fee based on the price of the stuff but not exactly sure about the details so if the recipient plants to do that read the details first).

Thank you. Yes the ships are all in lowsec, Heimatar region AFAIK. Docking rights will not be an issue as it’s in an NPC station. Hostile players maybe, as we no longer police that area. Be on the lookout for a free Dread contract if you’re interested.


Thanks though I am alpha on all my accounts so no use for me though I can make a giveaway if you are comfortable offering it for that (I have plenty of giveaways and events if you look up my threads on this forum) so if that is of interest to you to offer the dread as a giveaway gift let me know and of course am going to give full credit to you as the one donating the gift item, otherwise ISK would be more useful (though can sell the dread too I guess) and the same way would be given away either in liquid ISK form or buying stuff to give away as personally I have more than enough ISK for myself already. Either way thanks for the offer.

Edit: Oh and if you contract it make it a personal contract and drop me an EVEmail so I accept it as fast as I can as if you contract to my corp anyone in corp can grab the contract and as my corp is a public corp we have plenty of members I have no control over. :slight_smile:

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