Looking to join a corporation

I have been looking for a corporation that accepts newer players ( 5m to 10m sp )
This corporation that I’m wanting to join will have
-less than 100 members or up to 150
-Operates in Gallente Hisec plus whichever other space like Wormhole, Abyss…
-Has operations and/or stations in Low and Null
-Has Ship Replacement program
-Ore Buyback program
-PvP Roams

One recruiter, when I asked if his corporation operates in Gallente space, told me “You’ll see once you join”. I joined and left the corp within 10mins because what I wanted wasn’t what they offered.

So with this thread I hope to minimize the wasted time engendered by unscrupulous recruiters.

I’m available on this forum and in game.
I am in no hurry to join a particular corporation. I want to take my time to find a good fit.

Thank you.

Could you please close this thread?
It served its purpose and is no longer needed. I found a home with a good bunch of players!

Thank you :smiley:

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indeed you did <3

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Closed by request of Op.

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