Looking for Corporation

I’m looking for a corporation that operates in Hi/Low/Nullsec and/or Abyss.

-with station(s) in Null/Low or Abyss.
-New Player friendly.
-PI possibilities
-Missions with fleet
-Ship replacement if possible but not a must.

I’m a new player with currently 2M sp.
Currently learning the game at a slow pace, doing career agents and some Lowsec, scouting out opportunities.
Willing to be on Discord/Teamspeak for fleets.
Willing to learn and help other capsuleers in the corporation.
Willing to roleplay.
I have funds for ships/modules.
Looking to be Omega once I reach the Alpha threshold.

If Hisec based corporation: Gallente space only.

Thank you for your time.

Wow. Really great description of what you want, what you have, interested etc. Only thing missing is what timezone you are in. US/EU/AU ?

@Crassis_tye Thank you so very much, Crassis, for making The Regency known to me. It is certainly a good thing to wake up to after the few corporation spam mails I have received since I started playing.
I will join the corp. public channel today and connect with the members there as soon as I log in. Hopefully your corporation and I will be a good fit and I can start more meaningful, deeper learning of the game and helping as much as I can for the benefit of all.

@Crassis_tye I have had a nice chat with Itto Saisima on RGNCY channel, he answered a few of my questions thoroughly and really helped in my choosing The Regency as my home in New Eden. I believe it will be a good match and cannot wait to fleet with the good people of The Regency.
I have applied to join and am now waiting for a recruiter to review my application. It is Sunday ( BBQ day ) so I will patiently await to be contacted while I finish the career agents missions.
Thank you again for posting in this thread!
I will ask for it to be closed once I have been accepted.
Kind regards


Feel free to take a look at our homepage, maybe it can be something for you. :slight_smile:
If you have any questions, feel free to join our discord and poke us.
You can read more about us and how to find us at The Nordic Associates [NARVI] [Test Wiki Please Ignore]

Best regards

@Negan_Wildblood Thanks, will do.

@ISD_Kai Could you please close this thread?
Thank you!

Thread closed on OP’s request.