Looking to join Alliance

I am looking to join an Alliance, I have really only had my own Corp since I started my Eve journey ,I have 2 main Omega Accounts with Alts that are based in Thera and in HS doing Lvl 4 missions. I’m not really specifically doing anything in particular , but rather doing a little bit of everything. Recently I have been giving a o7 in whatever Nullsec system I splash in to to try and make friends but of course people don’t reply and probably assume, since I’m flying a Loki and stealth bomber on 2 characters that I’m some sort of ganker, of which I may be,given the opportunity arises.

I have seen Volta alot in Thera and thought about joining them but I don’t think I am Pvp focused enough to join them and I’m probably too Noob to join.

I would really like to live out of Nullsec with a couple of Alts and do Combat Anoms and join the odd Pvp roam on weekends. I play every night ( Aus time ) but real life sometimes pulls me away from the computer randomly for a bit so I’m a bit unreliable in that way, but I’m online every night.

Maybe an Alliance that could use Intel or something like that would be good, as I get around quite a bit, all over Eve. My mains security status is 5.0, and high with Amarr and Caldari,but really low for Gallante.

Would any Nullsec Alliance accept a Solo Corp like me? If not, does anyone have advice on what I could do to offer a bit more?


Federation of Respect Honor Passion Alliance.

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Thankyou for considering my Corp. But I have decided to go a different direction…

Closed via polite request by OP.

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