Looking to join an industrial corp

Hello and good evening,
I will keep this as short as possible as I hate typing as much as reading so I am looking to join an industrial corporation I want to learn everything there is to know about that side of eve the character i will be using is coming up-to 6 years old with 50 million sp I had a break that’s why sp is a bit low, I have been playing eve since 2004, I have never mined or built anything or had any dealings with blueprints, I am willing to start right at the bottom as I am a total noob to all this, I don’t want anything in return in terms of isk I will do everything everyone else does but for free I just want the knowledge so if any corp wants a free dogsbody for as long as it takes then please message me.


sent you an eve mail in game if interested

We got a home for you :smiley:

hope to have a talk whit you :smiley:

we are an indy corporation located out in null sec join our discord and see if we are a fit for you

NS EU TZ corp have everything u need to get started, along with patience to help u, like PI it seems complicated but isnt, jump into shield107 in game for a chat if interested. cheers

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