Looking to join FW corp

Returning player and bringing a few friends with. Looking to get back into FW after several years away.

We’re thinking Gallente as we’re primarily based out of Dod, but open to any faction that fits. Mostly we have a few hours per night with extended time weekend evenings. Small gang, hopefully with a near constant running fleet, and fleet ops are what we’re looking for. None of us are shy and we’re always willing to get in discord and help others out.

We are all US TZ.

If you dont mind joining Calmil we got an active place for you and your friends. We are The Order of Omerta and our main focus is FW for calmil and learning and getting better at pvp in small gang formats. We also have mining and indy as well for people who want to make their money that way.

We run or join fleets daily and have an older more relaxed but very active community and are looking to add to it. If interested in chatting come by The Order of Omerta

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