TFFUC - Gallente FW

The Foundation for Uniformity Civility and Kinships

  • Free frigates and destroyers for the corp to use
  • SRP/free handouts for corp operations
  • Constant PvP action
  • Opportunity to make great isk
  • Alpha pilots accepted
  • Alts looking to try FW accepted
  • Great people and veteran FC’s
  • Great people and really bad FC’s (who cares, ships are free)
  • New player friendly, lots of experience from the pilots in our corp, many of us come from WH space
  • Loot buyback program to save you the hauling
  • Jita hauling services

Join our discord for more information or drop and app and get flying right away.

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Bamp heem.

Slowly growing. Come join us for whelps and easy LP.

Still growing, still fighting. Come get some free ships and have some fun.

I just sent you an app to join.

Minute away from reclaiming OICX. Come join us for the next big push.

Are you guys an alliance or corp?