Looking to make LOTS of isk in a null-sec industry corp?

Do you like making isk? Do you like to do it by mining and building in null-sec?

Come check out Dansilgru. We are currently recruiting new and old players to come join us out in NRDS null-sec space. Focusing primarily on the building of fuel blocks, we offer a variety of styles of play. We offer content for many styles of play such as mining, indy production, PVE ratting, exploration, and defense PVP. If you want to spend your eve life in a null-sec region and want to have the support of a large alliance behind you then come find us in the DGRU-PUB in-game chat channel and submit your application TODAY!!!


Im looking for a industry corp. Im quite new to the game.
Im not to used with the null-sec thing i’ve been doing it mostly in high sec.

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