Lord of Worlds Alliance seeking Corporations for Nullsec

Lord Of Worlds Alliance is a Null Sec based alliance operating out of the galactic southeast. We are member alliance within Winter Coalition which is comprised of multiple alliances. Our alliance was established over 3 years ago. Most of our leadership team has been together for years and work very well together. We are an alliance that sets ourselves apart from the bigger alliances. We pride ourselves on giving smaller corporations a chance to become more then what they are. We teach and help your corporations obtain your goals. We work on projects, fight side be side, and enjoy hanging out and talking in comms.

LORDE is seeking Corporations to join our ranks and help build us to our next evolution. We are looking for PVP and Indy corporations. We expect everyone to participate and reap the benefits. We are an active PVP alliance which means we fight when we can. There is always time to mine and rat. But we expect our members to contribute. We are only successful as our weakest link. We also do understand that people do have real lives so be on when you can. Our culture and atmosphere is very laid back. We operate out of one Mumble channel to help on both intelligence and helping teach strategies. We want and all inclusive environment for our members.

If you are a player looking for a corporation to join please fill out an app on our website http://esi-lorde.eu apps will be processed and a member of our recruitment team will be in touch to discuss options. We do require that you have a voice conversation with our staff.

Some of the things we can offer:
- Small Gang PVP
- Large Scale and Block Level PVP
- Capital Warfare
- Boosted Mining Fleets and Amazing Ratting
- New Player Friendly Corporations
- Great Community 3 years strong
- Vet Players
- Players that have been together for years
- Member of Winter Coalition

Tired of alliances that make you feel less then what you truly are?

Tired of Alliances that make you merge because you do not have 100 people?

Tired of the larger alliances that you are lost in the blob?

Come join us!! We have a lot to offer!!!

LORDE is currently recruiting for all timezones.

Join our Recruitment Channel for more details… ☜☆☞ LORDE PUB ☜☆☞


Come build and empire with us.

Evertrader Lord of Worlds Alliance Exec

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I wish you good luck in recruiting members. All the best.







I want to wish you all good luck in recruiting.

By small gang LORDE really mean about 5-7 guys getting their ass kicked every other night.
Great Community 3 years strong. This means they alliance has been here 3 years, but most of the corps have not been there.
Member of Winter Coalition aka the largest botters in EVE, and the alliance leader paying for a coalition with his credit card.
If they had such amazing ratting, why did they recently abandon their space in Detorid?

interesting - you took enough time to troll this post with an inactive toon - surprising - well as I said trolls will be trolls - anyways bump

Please mail me ingame when you have a minute

We are intrested


Lord of World Alliance is a competent alliance.


bump… come join us we are starting our next deployment soon, join up




You are more than welcome to move into Cloud ring.

You will have allies here and it is rather peacefull

Give it some thought

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