The Order of Asgard is Recruiting!

The Order of Asgard is a Null Sec based corporation operating out of the galactic southeast. We are member corporation within Lord Of Worlds Alliance. Our alliance was established over 3 years ago. Most of our leadership team has been together for years and work very well together. We provide help to newer player and veterans alike. Have a great working relationship with many of the entities that surround us.

If you are a player looking for a corporation to join please fill out an app on our website apps will be processed and a member of our recruitment team will be in touch to discuss options. We do require that you have a voice conversation with our staff.

Some of the things we can offer:
- Small Gang PVP
- Large Scale and Block Level PVP
- Capital Warfare
- Boosted Mining Fleets and Amazing Ratting
- New Player Friendly Corporations
- Great Community 3 years strong
- Vet Players
- Players that have been together for years
- Member of Winter Coalition

Tired of the corporations that make you feel less then what you truly are?

Tired of corporations that make you merge because of inactivity?

Tired of the larger corportions that you are lost in the blob?

Come join us!! We have a lot to offer!!!

The Order of Asgard is currently recruiting for all timezones.

Come build and empire with us.

Evertrader CEO

Hi buddy! Just sent my application, hope to fly with you guys!




We are still looking for skilled pilots





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