**Order Collective - Null Sec Corp - Seeks new Pilots**

Throughout the years, Order Collective’s philosophy has always been that we fly together. Even though we are in a big alliance, that is still true to this day. We PVP, PVE, mine, explore – All together as a team. We do this without the drama that seems to infest some other groups.

Order Collective (ORCO) is a Null Sec corp currently based in Fountain and Querious. We form part of the Initiative Mercenaries Alliance. Our primary timezone is US based, but we have players from all over the globe.

We offer:
+Skill plans and training sessions for new members (if required).
+Initial and ongoing support in regard to making sure you have the correct ships for fleet ops.
+Regular opportunities to fly together.
+A corp buy back system of most things (such as ore, salvage and loot).

Order Collective is mainly made up from experienced players who have lived in Null Sec space for many years. We pride ourselves on our willingness to help out newbros to become efficient and competent Null Sec players. We also welcome experienced players joining our ranks too. For us it is the sense of community that drives us.

CEO Durallian
Co-CEO and Diplomat JackEuchre
Director Hawkeye Macbeth
Director Tomard Kadran
Director Senious Khamsi

If you are interested in joining us, or if you just want to say hi, please feel free to join our public chat channel: ORCO. (don’t forget the . )

Contacts for Recruitment are Hawkeye Macbeth (NZ/AU), Durallian (EU), Senious Khamsi (US) and JackEuchre (US).


Still recruiting… :slight_smile:

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And … still recruiting :upside_down_face:

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And still recruiting… :sunglasses:

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My daily bounce… boing

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MIght as well bounce… bounce… MIght as well bounce (sung to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SwYN7mTi6HM )

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24hr bounce…still recruiting.

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Free bounce. Great Corp and a good bunch.

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Why was I turned away? if you don’t mind me asking

We need you to come into our ORCO. public channel to chat first. We don’t accept anyone without getting to know you a bit first. I hope you can understand this. We’d be happy to look at you if you say hi first. :slight_smile:


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iv been in there
been trying lulz

Really? I’ve not seen you, and our guys are usually pretty good about waving to newbro’s in ORCO.

no worry’s

free bump

boing… still recruiting

Daily Bounce… ORCO still recruiting… having a blast

Daily bounce… thanks for the inquiries ingame… keep them coming :slight_smile:

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looking to play in null with an experienced corp, my main is in a high sec indy corp, though im only a month in on that acct, and would like to explore indy in null

Hi Jimmy, we can definitely help you explore indi in Null but there are a couple of catches (and nothing that most if not all Null corps will insist on if they are being honest with you). Firstly, you need to be prepared to take part in fleet based PVP. If you aren’t experienced with this we can help train you. Secondly, until we get to know each other you’ll only have limited access to our indi stuff. You’ll be able to build, etc. You’ll be able to mine, etc - but you won’t have full access from day one to our blueprints, etc. I hope you can see this is a security thing.

Jimmy, come have a chat to us in ORCO. - which is our ingame public channel. We can sort out a talk on discord or mumble where we can talk about how to help each other out.



yeah, ive added my main acct to ORCO pucbic chat, and i totally undrerstand the blueprints/items thing, lets just chat in game and see if we fit each other, im in no rush and am happy to participate in corp ops, fleets and pvp

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