Null based indy corp looking for English speaking pilots!

The Order of Merlin are currently recruiting and welcome all player types. We are a nullsec corp focusing on PvE, Mining and Industry.

Come chat to us on our “Order of Merlin Recruiting” Channel

The Order of Merlin can offer:
- Safe nullsec for ratting and mining
- Mining Fleet Boosts, Ore, PI, Salvage Buyback Program
- Corpwide PI Program
- Large Blueprint Library (1000+ BPO’s)
- Casual and ocassional pilots welcome
- Optional PVP, no CTA
- Logistics 0.0 to Highsec
- Well Stocked local market
- Moon Mining

We require:
- Teamspeak 3
- ESI Authorization
- Registration on Alliance Portal and Discord

If this all sounds gret then feel free to contact tuxiyt kashuken in game via mail or join the “Order of Merlin Recruiting channel”

We Hope to see you out there!

Tux <3

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