The Order of Merlin -WASOP- Are Recruiting

The Order of Merlin are currently recruiting and welcome all player types. We are a Null Sec Corp focusing on PvE, Ratting, Mining and Industry.

Come chat to us on our “Order of Merlin Recruiting” Channel or you can speak to one of our recruiters here on Discord.

The Order Of Merlin will gain you access to an entire Null Sec region to get stuck into, with plenty to offer for all types of pilots.

*We have plenty of space for all your mining, ratting, ice and industry needs

  • Casual and occasional pilots welcome, our dedicated team will be able to assist you with anything you might need or want to do.
  • Optional PVP, there are many CTAs which are mostly optional but most can be enjoyed by low skilled pilots as well as opportunities for small gang PvP also.
  • Plenty of local markets for you to shop at or sell your own stuff

*Buyback programs for most things including ore, salvage, loot e.t.c

We require:

  • Teamspeak 3
  • ESI Authorization
  • Registration on Alliance Portal and Discord
  • English Speakers

If this all sounds great then feel free to contact Izzati Adoy, Korban Washburne or Tuxiyt Kashuken in game via mail or join the “Order of Merlin Recruiting channel”

We Hope to see you out there!

Null Sec :white_check_mark:
PVP :white_check_mark:
PVE :white_check_mark:
MINING :white_check_mark:
BUYBACKS :white_check_mark:

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