[LORDE] - null sec alliance for you!

well I am interested, even stopped by the recruitment channel… people in channel but no one talked when I tried.

I saw you there and tried to start chat by myself but you didn’t response. It is better to chat either with me via mail or with Evertrader via mail as well. I am not home but i will be online near 18 ET. You can drop me a mail or i will do it when come online :slight_smile:


Still opened!

Come join us today!

Lking for a good comunity and null sec life? Join us!

C’mon, we are still opened!

Join us today!

Do you want to shoot players? Do you want to blow up rocks? Then join us! Lots of pve and pvp content awaits!

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Come join us today!

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still opened

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Hey you! Yes, you! Join us! PvP fleets and tasty angels awaits!

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Great guys with good content! And an awesome alliance logo! Friendly bump

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Do you have any PAP’s. Any per character payments (or other fees) for industrialists.

We do not have any PAP also we are not planing to make payments for participation in Coalition fleets. However, we need to defend our space where we can mine and ratt either we would not have one.

Thanks for reply. I think home defence is mandatory to do.
I will get in touch with you when i will be coming back to Eve.

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Yesterday on fun fleet we killed two rorquals while we were in destroyers :slight_smile: It was fun! More fun fleets are going to be! Join us

Join us :slight_smile:

We are still looking for more corporations to join us

Join us!