Lot 52 - New, low-pressure multidisciplinary LGBTQ corp seeks pilots! - Open to ALL!

Lot 52 [L52] is a small, multidisciplinary queer corporation tucked away in quiet area of highsec Gallente space. We strive to be an inclusive, laid-back group, focused on communitarian ideals, with emphasis on both personal choice and community benefits. We operate in all security levels of space, settling only in areas temporarily while our small and individual operations gather worth.

Lot 52 has no skill point or clone state requirements, and champions a strongly hands-off corporate culture, realizing that not all pilots can dedicate the same time, energy, or funds into our corporate growth. We emphasize a no-pressure attitude regarding corp/joint activities, and wish to provide more of a backbone and framework to help pilots in their personal growth as they explore New Eden in their own way, with the option of teaming with new or experienced pilots for adventures in groups. We operate across all four paths; Industry, Military, Business, and Exploration; in both PvP and PvE engagements.

What We Offer

  • An Open, yet Individual-Driven Community – Lot 52 was opened as an experiment in voluntary community, with the goal of providing a no-pressure space for LGBT/Queer pilots to experience New Eden both in a solo and small-group fashion among trusted friends. We recognize that many of our kin find great appeal in MMORPGs, but are not always able to engage in large groups, or have limited ability or resources to play with regularity with a team. As a corporation, we were created with the mindset that any contribution by one of our members represents a wish for advancement for the group as a whole. As such, we are modeled around individual choice, personal engagements with others, and returning benefits for all. We are fiercely committed to creating a space free of homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, racism, ableism, and other forms of discrimination. We strive for a corporation based on shared wealth and values, without forcing our members to adhere to strict codes of action, content with being part of a family.
  • Alpha and Newbie-Friendly Experiences – Lot 52 was begun as a starter corporation, and its first members were all newcomers to New Eden. Due to our model, we recognize that not all members will become experienced pilots, and that the road to becoming one may be longer for some than others. As such, almost all of our activities have low-impact components, and are open to newbies and Alpha clones. We still consider ourserves very much newbies and welcome all levels of experience to join us, that we may learn from each other.
  • A Multidisciplinary Approach – Whether you like mining or exploration, mission running or PvP, or any of the multitude of activities that EvE has to offer, Lot 52 is with you in your endeavors. We do not put many limitations on the type of activities our members can do, and we accept alt pilots as well, recognizing the unique specialization that can come with any member of our group. We seek to grow in skills and knowledge.
  • A Place for Your Stuff – Some pilots will come to us to learn, and will eventually move on to other corporations. Others will remain with us forever. Some may even join us very temporarily, wanting a home for their lesser-skilled alt, or a place to lay low for a while, or just a change of pace. We embrace everyone on their journey through New Eden, and welcome pilots without expectation. Additionally, Lot 52 is are not at risk of losing structures in space, as we primarily operate out of NPC stations.
  • Corporate Literature and Training – In our commitment to make New Eden accessible to all, we offer a wide variety of training, both in-space and out of it, to help fill our members’ brains with sexy spreadsheets, weird lore, and probability mathematics. We offer a highly-organized Discord, an informational wiki full of resources, and a super-secret handbook written just for you!
  • Communitarian Dividends – Lot 52 offers an open-ended aspect to company contribution, as well as a donation-based model. Members are free to individually act for themselves and their own profit and benefits, or they can choose to work “on behalf” of us, donating part of their time, earnings, or resources into a communal pot. No donation or action is compulsory, and every month, corporate property is inventoried, expenses are paid, and 50% of all net profits are redistributed among all corporation members. Simply put, the more pilots contribute to the corporation, even fractionally, the greater the profits for the community as well as the individual.
  • Well-Organized and Loaner Hangars – We have a careful system of permissions and inventory set up to ensure maximum freedom for our members, while ensuring safety for everyone’s assets. We also have a small set of favored corporate fits across hangars for any of our members to freely take and use at their heart’s content for any activity they wish, at no cost to them, while they build up their own hangars. Board Members are also authorized to fund large corporate operations and ship acquisitions, meaning that group operations often result in corporate-wide ship gifts!
  • Friends, Specialists, and Safehouses – Lot 52 curates an extensive and detailed bookmarks list, pointing our members to some of the most lucrative locations in New Eden. We are allied with many individuals in many professions, from reprocessors to freighters, to wormhole fighters, guaranteeing an extensive contact network for pilots needing an extra hand. And with a variety of friends across space, from our queer brethren Be Nice Inc. to the troll pirates lolpercorp, you will never be far from a safe place with us!
  • Buy Back Program – No need to haul your loot to a market yourself, we take on your sales at 90% of Jita’s buy price! Let us worry about hauling it while you continue to grow.

Applicant Should Be

  • Committed to anti-inequality ideals and respect for all people.
  • Excited and self-motivated towards a personal goal in New Eden.
  • Laid back and open to solo, small-scale, or cross-corp operations.
  • Interested in low-pressure community building with queer pilots from across the globe.
  • Motivated to grow their experience, skill, and wealth, and that of others in New Eden.
  • Applicants do not necessarily need to be queer, but must understand they are entering a queer space, where our community and identities are celebrated.

Applicant Requirements

  • No skill point or clone state limit
  • No racial requirement (though we are Minmatar-centric)
  • No location limit (but mainly located US East and GMT)
  • Discord app/software is required (used for comms)

Interested pilots may look through our public corporate handbook or ask question or apply via Discord or EvEMail by messaging either of the contacts below. We will then invite you to answer a few short questions in a bit of an informal, get-to-know-you interview, and will have you become part of our crew in no time!


  • Anirul Rai, CEO
  • Ruben Lametria, Senior Board Member

Are we not quite what you are looking for? Consider our friends, Be Nice Inc. (an experienced wormhole corporation of queer leftists) and Chroma Corp (a decentralized highsec newbie-friendly corporation).

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