Lot of modification probably important

  • create a bowhead t2 and I have a jump drive system

  • add graphics in the fitting tool to get an idea of the optimal and the decrease in the falloff.

  • the redesign of the corporation system, which is very complicated for many people

  • and last point very important -> know how much skillpoint for level 2 to 3 for a skill, currently it’s directly level 5, it’s not practical, and it’s complicated to be able to manage these SP injection.

Is possibly my word or grammatical is not correct, sorry i’m french :slight_smile:
thanks for look my post and appreciate your opinion.

Good day all

I’ve heard this before - folks seem to want a dedicated ship hauling ship.

Can’t you get this now by hovering over the guns?

This is something else I hear a lot and will be asking for at the summit.

Let me make sure I have this - you want to know exactly how many skill points you need per level, rather than just the skill points needed to get to level 5? If that’s it, got it. I also wish that you could get a number of how many skill injectors you’d need to clear the current skill queue.

sorry to respond so late, your players kill me my jf, I did not want to invest myself in the game because of the use of questionable mechanics. But you Brisc, you took some time for me, so here’s my opinion :slight_smile:

atm no, you not have idea, exemple in falloff in remote to 15 km in falloff how many you repair and what distance is praticely useless you remote the friend.

it is possible to implement in game same graphic ? because actually nothing software fitting have the option.

I thought about other ideas:

  • a share of my personal bpo (open to corporate members or some people), and that people pay a fee defined by the player, to get involved the exchange between players

  • have personal graphic and audio settings, atm is predefined, which can be shared if possible.

  • option for possible disable the local conversation

  • and last, use the unreal engin for optimize the game :blush:

i have question @Brisc_Rubal sentry is praticely never used in pve and sometime in pvp, is not possible to up the sentry or add to ship better bonuses?

I will add it to the list, but I think sentries are being used now often - at least in structure bashes and in certain kinds of PvP. Ishtars with sentries have made their way back into the meta. They aren’t as useful in PvE, that is true.

for structure rf yes, same for the big battles, but in small gang and pve I do not anybody any more to use it, its tracking is really too low, and only ishtar to a good bonus.

I think they’re probably being used as best as they can be, but I don’t know if it’s important to change them to use them more in PvE and small-gang.

Instead of suggesting that a hammer be able to cut things, just use a saw. :slight_smile:

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