Low Class residents, but High-classy C4 wormhole corp is recruiting! Those other wormholers arn't going to fight themselves!

|| NaturalPhenomenon || C4 - C4 / C2 || 00:00 - 08:00 (03:00 - 06:00 Primetime) ||

NaturalPhenomenon is selectively recruiting wormholers. Our primary focus is PvP, but NAPHE believes in utilizing all opportunities provided by the wormhole life style. If you are looking for an atmosphere of success driven gameplay mixed with rowdy comms, look no further.



Recent Exploits:

NAPHE Armor vs Naliao Inc Armor

NAPHE Micro Gang Hit and Run

What Can NAPHE Do For You?

- Highly active and motivated hunters provide consistent content.

- Hunters have first pick on any pvp loot they generate.

- Experienced FC’s with well-tested doctrines.

- A relaxed but success driven atmosphere.

- Tripwire Mapping Tool

- 100% Logi + Sabre SRP // 50% DPS SRP for fleet engagements.

What Does NAPHE Want From You?

- Primary focus of wormhole space pvp.

- Able to be active at least 4 times a week during our timezone. (RL Comes First, Always, but we want you to want to play)

- Ability to fit a Covert Ops Cloak.

- Capability to fly either a T2 Cruiser, or a Drekavac.

- Desire to train into our desired doctrines.

- Success driven attitude without being an asshole.

- Constant focus on self improvement.


Stop by NAPHE Recruit in game to speak to a recruiter about your future with NAPHE.

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NAPHE is still recruiting! PM me for details in game!

Free bump for fellow wormholers.


Recruitment OPEN

Are you Open :wink: Because are recruitment is.

Hello @Arancar_Aideron ,

I wanted to stop by, introduce myself on the forums, and send a shout out to a fellow Low Class WH Corporation. Keep fighting the good fight in local and let’s make WH great again. Oh, wait it’s always been great…

Anyways if your group ever wants to team up on a joint OP or just a crazy roam where things blow up, jump into our coms anytime and ask for a Diplo/Leader. Otherwise, if not interested, this will serve as an official bump for your group cause we always believe in the strength of J-Space.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC Executive Council

NAPHE is still recruiting! PM me for details in game!

Looking for some more hunters! You find ■■■■ to kill you get what drops!. Come drop the hammer on someone with us!

Recruiting is still O P E N!

Looking for pilots who enjoy or want to give wormholes a shot, We enjoy teaching the mechanics as long as you are open to learning!

LF pilots who want to play eve in wormholes with a capable and well known wormhole entity!

The gang bangs MUST GO ON!

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NAPHE is still recruiting! PM me for details in game!

Hey Arancar, What do you guys do all day?

We PvP 75% of our day, including probing and hunting our lucky neighbors.

Do you have a ship training plan for the newer crowd?

Sure as hell we do, It doesn’t take long to get involved at all. The game is only as fun as you make it.


NAPHE Is Open for capable pilots looking to either give wormholes a try, or to try something different!