Low Class residents, but High-classy C4 wormhole corp is recruiting! Those other wormholers arn't going to fight themselves!


(Arancar Aideron) #1

Are you or your friends looking for super relaxed ‘bullshitting’ on coms? We got that.
Are you or your friends looking for a place to scout for data/relics and people to shoot? We have that.

Are you or your friends looking to dunk ^^and ^^sometimes ^^get ^^dunked ^^because ^^why ^^not ? We definitely do that.

“We tried to roll, we failed, nice job killing defenseless rolling ships”
“Yall are alright, stick around”
“They just want us to bring marauders to fight them”

-Several corps

NOW down to business

We live in a C4 with C4/C2 Statics. We are a PvP and a PvE (Natural Baiters!) corp, that aims to provide a place to chill in EvE.

Its your game, come play it with us and share the experience.

We are looking for EU/US AND AU (my au guy felt triggered i didn’t mention au Sorry man) TZ players all day every day, so come talk a bit and see if its a fit for you.


Come join us in our public channel [NaturalPhenomenon PUB] to speak with a recruiter (or any of our members were all cool lads) and find out more.


-Teamspeak 3 for comms

-Discord for Pings

-5 Million SP minimum but we require you to have Scanning and Cloaking skills.

What we offer:

-Loot Buyback Program

-Incentive Program for Hunters/Scanners (if you find the content the Loot is yours!)

-Moon Mining

What we want:

-Knowledge of or diesire to learn about wormhole mechanics and how we work through the logistics.

-Be prepared at all times by having replacement doctrine ships available if you lose one.

-Be active and on comms and answer pings for content!

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NAPHE is still recruiting! PM me for details in game!

(Patricia Lex) #4

Free bump for fellow wormholers.

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Recruitment OPEN

(Arancar Aideron) #7

Are you Open :wink: Because are recruitment is.

(Mr Glaser) #8

Hello @Arancar_Aideron ,

I wanted to stop by, introduce myself on the forums, and send a shout out to a fellow Low Class WH Corporation. Keep fighting the good fight in local and let’s make WH great again. Oh, wait it’s always been great…

Anyways if your group ever wants to team up on a joint OP or just a crazy roam where things blow up, jump into our coms anytime and ask for a Diplo/Leader. Otherwise, if not interested, this will serve as an official bump for your group cause we always believe in the strength of J-Space.

Hope to see ya in space,

WHSOC Executive Council