Unwelcome Visitors [PRMRY] recruiting! C4Wh pvp/pve etc

We live in a C4 pulsar with a C4 and C2 static connection. this combination gives us access to great isk making activities as well as great small gang warfare content.

PVP Content on Offer:

Small Gang Warfare

PVE Content on Offer:

Mining (moon goo, Wormhole gas, and ABC Minerals)
Sleeper Sites
Abyssal Space

Corporate Programs:

Loot Buyback
Pilot Training

As you can see we have a little bit of everything available for members to enjoy, We pride ourselves on having good fights, and good fun. We are looking for pvp focused and ballanced playstyle pilots to fill our ranks.

If interested, join our recruitment channel ingame! links in corp description or whisper me

Bump, still recruiting :stuck_out_tongue:

New week, new month, no joke, come check us out!

Still lookin for more!
Check us out.

Still looking!

Join today.

Still growing, still doin’ stuff.
Don’t delay join today.

Gf/Wife giving you a hard time?
Lets share the nag together

Still looking for more.
Come hang out!

Still looking for peeps!
join channel and have a talk

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