C4 Pulsar Corp recruiting ACTIVE players!

Tire of Blues
Tire of Ship spinning?
Want to pewpew daily?
Ready to join the addiction?

If YES to all 4 questions then come join the addicting wormhole lifestyle with Wormhole Addicts! We are a freshly new and upcoming C4 Pulsar mercenary corporation looking to pewpew our lovely foes. The statics for our lovely wormhole home be a C1 static as well as a C3 static so always a way back into known space. With that being said, since our WH is a Pulsar, we will lean heavily on a Caldari/Minmatar SHIELD doctrine for our needs.

Our corporate activities will include:
-C4 ratting
-C3 ratting
-C5 Wolf Rayet Dessie ratting OPs
-wormhole/nullsec small gang PVP
-Faction Warfare PVP
-Boosted Mining for any miners n indies that may join (we do need a few of them to join)
-Mercenary Contracts where we pewpew very fun ■■■■
-WH Evictions

For the requirements to join:

-Caldari/Minmatar Cruisers at LVL 3 or better
-skilling into or already have T2 Med Projectiles and T2 HAMs/HMs/RLMs
-Discord for comms
-omega preferably
-1mil Skillpoints

After our first week of being the New Bloods, we will be dropping a Raitaru inside the WH as our base of operations. When we get enough people, an astrahus will be dropped as well unless a majority want an athanor to be dropped to do reactions then we will do an Athanor instead for our 2nd station.

Thank you for your time and hope to see yall inside the hole,

Ifantics Gaming

What time zone you looking for? Contact you?

US TZ pretty much. you can contact me or i can mail u ingame either way. thanks for your interest :slightly_smiling_face:

Bumpy Bump Bump

bump still recruitin

come join the addiction, we be having fun doing wormholes

just awaiting for more wormhole loving pilots to join in before we drop our Raitaru inside the hole. POS already been setup. come join the addiction

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