Hi All,

I cant seem to get past 60 FPS in game and I often drop to 30 FPS. I have also noticed that when I type in chat or change chat channel that also makes the FPS drop to 30 for about 10 seconds or so then goes back to 60 FPS, Anyone got any Ideas what might be causing it?

I am Running:
Windows 10 64bit
32 gig ram
intel I7 6700k @ 4.5 ghz
invidia gtx1080 ti OC

I have tried running as Administrator and that does sometimes get It back to 60 FPS but never any higher.

Thanks for any Help.

I suspect your screen is a 60Hz screen. That means 60 updates a second.

You’ll have vsync turned on. This is the interval 1 setting on the settings screen.

You can turn it to interval immediate, but that has the downside of telling your PC to render everything it can, as fast as it can. you may end up getting FPS in the high hundreds. However, with your screen, you’ll not see much benefit. And you’ll be running a lot hotter than you need to.

(in case it’s not obvious, I don’t recommend it)

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oh sorry forgot to mention that My screen can run @ 160 hz and has vsync turned on.

I dont mind the 60 FPS to be honest, more the reasons for it dropping to 30 FPS as this makes it very stuttered with the graphics.

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