Sudden frame rate drop

I normally run 2 clients on my rig (Windows 10, 770GTX video), and have no problems with both running at 60fps maxed out.

I logged in today, and now one window runs at 60fps, while the other one struggles to stay at 45fps, and any time I switch focus away to another window, the fps tanks to 25fps.

Strange thing is that the client I started first is the one that hovers around 45fps, but the one I started second keeps a smooth 60fps all the way.

Anyone seen anything like this happening recently?

Can you confirm this happens again after closing both clients and repeating the steps? it looks like you immediately went posting after noticing and for sake of completeness, “turning it off and on again” is a good first step.


  • did any driver/windows updates happen?
  • did you see the game updating?
  • try turning sound off in both clients and check if there is a difference.
  • did you install any software that might be running in the background?
  • do you run an AV? (ugh) Could it be some scheduled activity you might not be aware of?
  • Are updates, loading in the background, happening?