Frame Drops Since a Week(ish) ago?

Since about a week ago, Ive been experiencing general choppy frame rates on my clients, with frames dipping below 60 in most scenarios. My system can typically run multiple clients without the frame drops. I run my client’s on medium to low settings to be able to have smooth gameplay.

I should mention that I’ve spoken with several of my corpmates and they have been experiencing the same performance hit that I have, seemingly out of the blue.

Some things to get out of the way:

My system is not potato:
-6600K OC’d to 4.5Ghz
-2x GTX 1070’s, also OC’d

-Thermals are not different than they always are
-Utilization %'s are not different than they always are

  • Clean driver installs have happened
  • I don’t have a trillion browser tabs open
  • I have cleared the cache

Anyone else having this problem / are aware of a fix? I should be getting twice the frames I am, and having to play in cinematic sub- 50 fps is a little ridiculous.

Resolved. Turns out the most recent NVIDIA drivers are crap, rolled back to the previous version and everything is back to normal.

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