What Is Going On With The Performance Of The Game Lately?

Since i reinstalled, i’ve been getting major problems with the game, it will literally take the game 10-15mins before its playable, i will be getting 1-5fps normally and when it decided to be stable, it will go to 60.
I don’t have any other games or high load stuff running in the background, i’ve installed it originally on the SSD, then on my other drives and still same issues, both the standard & the beta launcher, both same issue. Today i had to log in 3 times and still had the ultra low fps & still had to wait 10mins or more until it became stable. This wasn’t an issue before. Audio also has frequent cuts or just doesn’t work besides the audio from the ui.
Ryzen 7 1700X
GTX 1050Ti 4GB
200GB HDD(Current install)

So by my specs, this shouldn’t be happening, it didn’t do this before especially not this bad.
I haven’t tried to reinstall the steam version since using this version.
None of my other games is doing this at all, i have tried Armored Core 6, Sekiro, Elden Ring, Nioh 2 & none of them is doing this so the issue is isolated to Eve only

Can you tell me which DirectX Version your client is Running with? Dx12 could be a little to much for the Gtx1050 i guess.

generally dx11 & also tried 12, both same issues. this has a recent thing that started with one of the updates

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