[Low Sec] CTRL-Q | EUTZ Piracy

We’re a small, tight-knit but friendly group that have been together for close to 9 years. We grew up within the constant conflict of FW, have lived in the most active areas of Low Sec and we aspire to fight the good fight. We try to stay classy and let our guns to the talking. This year we took our first step into the Alliance Tournament, three of our pilots making the cut for the team. We’ll solo in T1 frigs or drop capitals in medium size fleets and everything in-between. Our pilots are free to do anything they like, our collective focus is PVP and the only expectation upon them is that; if they’re online and we’re calling a max numbers strat-op, they are in our staging in the correct ship, fit in the correct way and know how to fly it. We’re not a training corp.

We operate within the EUTZ.

We’re from across Europe but are an English speaking corp.

No Handlebars.
This is not your normal alliance; it’s small, our pilots are not F1 monkeys, their actions matter and do have an impact. There are no blues, we do not batphone, we’re bringing the good fight. There’s no distant Leadership, we’re with you on comms and flying ships by your side every day. We position the alliance in the most active areas of Low Sec so you’re able to find targets and fights.

A normal day in SWEG will see multiple small gangs running concurrently covering the regions where we operate, we’ll group together as a single unit when required if a fleet is spotted and we’ll take the fight. We’ll run mid-sized fleets and are always on the look out for new content for our members. We focus on extremely quick reships to be able to take on anything we spot, as a result we have a lengthy comp list and centralised staging. We also try, where possible, to make it a challenge; we’ll fight outnumbered, we’ll fly the worst HAC in the game and make it look good but most importantly we do stuff like this because its fun.

Here’s an example of what one of our small fleets can do

Here’s a cap escalation

Here’s what our trademark Munnin fleets look like

We’re a PVP corp and Alliance, your wallet is your problem.

Attitude is everything, so hit me up in game for a chat or drop into our public channel, check in-game.
If you need a list, see below:

  • Full API that doesn’t expire
  • TS3, a headset, mic and a voice you’re willing to use
  • Slack registration is mandatory
  • Experienced and able to evidence this
  • Self Sufficient (corp sub-cap Logi are free)
  • Captial Alt (Carrier/Fax or Dread)
  • Logi cruiser V, the ability and will to fly them

We’ve a nice mix of corps in SWEG with different requirements, so even if you do not meet ours it’s still worth a chat as I can point you in the right direction.


You’ll see we’re a bit different, instead of a dull ‘bump’ I’ll update this thread with a diary of the previous days events or some general thoughts on whats going on around us.

Tuesday 10th October.

Looks like Seige Green are back in our neck of the woods after leading a coalition to ‘take down’ Snuff. Word on the street is that coalition started to crumble after the first engagements as they took a thorough beating, sources are saying they’re back in town for us.

So we wait, looking to see what this (on paper) larger alliance is going to bring, nothing happens until one of our new guys anchors two Astrahus in our home system of Auga, poorly timed and no defense fleet requested, SGGRN dispatch them in front of our staging Fort with ease.

Well, ok then. The deal they seem to have done with Shadow Cartel saw them take control of moons across the WZ. With only two weeks to go until the advent of Lifeblood and a significant change to moon mining mechanics, many organisations would think attacking these structures right now would a fruitless effort. Not for SWEG, we’re not interested in the income from the moons, we’re here for the fight.

I form a fleet and reinforced 6 towers with ease, watching stronting efforts to place the timers as far outside our TZ as possible. This doesn’t phase us, they will have to face us on the field sooner rather than later. The only question is, how many friends will they have to call upon to make them feel safe.


Wednesday 11th October.

I log in, get on comms and as is usual for early evening our guys are running small skirmish gangs or soloing. Kourmonen is reasonably hot and Morvinn is setting up for a fight. Looks like 4 groups active; the Italian Minmatar, the Russian Amarr, some randoms and us. Everyone is in cruiser hulls, mostly HACs or Pirate variants. I’m one jump out in Auga and swapping into the appropriate clone for my Vagabond and incurring timers.

In addition to my Vaga we have Morvinn in a Vexor and Baltrom in an Ishtar. If anyone else is active in our TS channel, they’re not speaking up. The fight kicks off as Morvinn goes balls deep into a medium plex and we rush to back him up. He manages to fend off the minmil tackle and starts to take damage. They have four tackle frigs, Sac, Zealot and a Falcon, looks easy. However a neutral Orthrus and Cynabal land. We’re too far out, our Vexor pops as we’re both in warp, all parties fleeing as we land.

Less than 10 minutes later, after a few cat and mouse games and an attempt to break the Sosala gate camp (they ran) , we catch the minmil gang back on the same plex. Sac dies, everyone else runs. We patrol the area, pilots rotating in and out of our gang, normal business of killing everything we tackle.

Didn’t really hear much from Siege Green, guess we didn’t announce our intent in the correct manner. Just to ensure they didn’t miss our message, we form a fleet and RF another 5 towers. They’ve 11 timers to form for, wonder if they can rep and re-stront everything before EUTZ hits them. Their Citadels seem to be vulnerable at the same time…

It’s getting late but I join a Harpy gang being run by Chichou, they need a scout/tackle and as I like the sound of my own voice it’s a role that suits me just fine. We’re 9; 2 logi, 5 dps, a boosher and I’m in a Stiletto. I love flying 'cepters, always have, but rarely get the chance as I’m normally taking on another role in our fleets, but this is just a casual small gang and it’s the stuff I really enjoy.

I get into Kam and breach into a small plex to tackle 2 Dragoons, they’re at range, around 60km from me but I overheat everything and get point on one as the other warps out. A quick gank and we’re on the move again, all the small gangs departing as we move around. We try to outmaneuver several but they’re not happy to engage. We find ourselves in Huola trying to do the same thing when I spy on d-scan a Omen Navy Issue in the Abandoned Outpost, I warp to 0. He’s around 40km off me, waiting for the blood rat to respawn. He’s spooling up his prop mod, no chance mate, I’m tackling you. His first couple of volleys take me into half shield but I close fast and already have my point applied and maintain a wide orbit to take his drones for a ride, the gangs on their way but they’re warping to the beacon and not to me. I dip in closer to check for neuts, just a small. As my shield drops and I’m into armour I tighten my orbit, apply scram and Nos. He forgets to reapply the neut, his drones start to get some light hits as I slow but I’m under his guns. Reps land and the ONI pops as railguns apply their damage. We move on.

Lamaa as been busy the last couple of weeks, another game of cat and mouse occurs. This time with Schneckt, difference this time though is there’s a fight coming. They want to brawl with their RR command dessys, we want to maintain some range due to their numbers and can’t afford to get scrammed. I spy a Vigil Fleet Issue that’s receiving skirmish links and they are tightly formed as they enter our small plex. No point in diving in at this stage, I hang out on the fringes of the fight that seems to go on forever, they’ll try to boosh on us, we’ll burn to range. We go for the weak ships, T1 frigs that are supporting, I try to get a drive-by point on primaries, concentrating on that VFI and it’s position. We pop a few but then it goes wrong, a logi pilot reports he’s burnt his MWD and warps out before being tackled to repair whilst at the same time one of our Harpies gets hard tackled. Our remaining logi keeps him up for an age but our opposition are playing it smart and not really putting their full damage into him, ensuring we stay close by. We don’t get drawn in, waiting to see if our second logi can make it back. He’s getting camped into the station he repaired at. Our Harpy eventually dies but we’ve been at it for 20mins with only some frig kills and call it quits, GFs are tapped into local and we head back home.

End the evening with 10 kills for 0 losses. A bit of a slow one for me, lets see what SGGRN bring tomorrow.

Saturday 14th October

Log in early as the tower timers we hit have been unkind to us, far outside our TZ. Form Jackdaws to run harassment over SGGRN on a tower in Kourmonen. They bridge in an arty Mach fleet with FAX support on the tower, we’re 120km off and have a go at popping their cyno Pilgrim and tackle stork (who’s just booshed badly 35km from us) but it doesn’t look like they’re down for a bit of fun and just headshot me. We go to reship.

They look skittish despite having 3 times our numbers, warping off, warping back, reshipping. We undock a sacrilege and guardian gang, they run to reship into AC Machs and bridge again onto their tower where one of their FAX is repping. We shoot one in Auga as the timer is up. Scouts spy a latecomer in a Mach leaving their Fort in Sisede, we intercept and kill it, but our options are running out; we can see their cap alts online and ready to jump on us should we undock in anything juicy, DT is approaching so we just call it quits. Guess they would rather have those towers for another week instead of a nice brawl.

I get revenge a bit later for the headshot, Bengal Bob and I are trying to get frigate fights. He’s in a Firetail and I’m in a Hookbill, I enter a novice plex to see a SGGRN Crucifier NI at range, I burn for him and he keeps range but sends his drones over. I’m quick, but he’s faster so I tackle his drones and start killing them. He must have been attached to them as I blink and he’s ontop of me. I’m scram, dual web, dual prop fit and we start to duke it out. I’m expecting to see some ewar in addition to the scram on me, but nothing until neuts apply. I’m trying to pull range and run my repper at the same time and can now see he’s got a shield buffer for tank. My caps gone and I’m going down but I’ve done my job and Bengal is arriving to scram him and take over as I pop. 20 seconds later the CNI goes down, one of our smartbombers has been listening in on the fight and is ready for a predictable exit from the system, our foe warps straight to him. The CNI was deadspace/faction fit, the pod full mid-grade snakes. About 1bil in total.

We do a bit of roaming, Viscora joins us and a few other guys. Bengal and I kill a really tricky 10mn ab Garmur. Another deadspace/faction fit, another snake pod lost. His mate in a Worm gets away from us though.

We move around killing whatever we tackle for a while, but we start heading home as we’ve an op on later in the evening. As I jump into Auga in a replacement Hookbill a Ghost Legion Ishtar aggresses me, it’s a regional gate and I’m outside tackle range so start to burn off while asking who’s active on comms. A Legion lands to support him, this smells fishy, but the Legion also redboxes on an alliance mate. Snake Plis is quick to throw an Hyperion at them grabbing tackle on the Ishtar, there’s only 5 of us and we’re expecting a cyno to open up however the Ishtar melts before I can actually hit with my missiles from the Jackdaw I’d hastily shipped into, then the Legion goes down in the same fashion. We look at the killmails, oh lol it’s Cruisers Crew. Both the 2.4bil T3 and the HAC taking less damage than a decent fit dessy! No cynos fitted, we’re laughing, link it in alliance chat and so is everyone else now. What bads.

After our OP we get a call from an alliance mate that they’re tackled by a gang in Huola, I’m running my own small gang 2 jumps out and we burn to assist. The Huola locals have snared a Sleipner, we’re bringing 3 BCs and an ONI, a friendly Devoter is joining up with us. They’ve double our numbers in all sorts of mostly pirate cruisers, tackle frigs and are bringing in ECM. We land 20km off the fight, I’m in a Brutix Navy and start calling targets, we’re going to clear the small stuff first so we can move around and get into our various optimal ranges. Most of the frigs immediacy seem to panic and pull range, except a Griffin Navy which I web and my rails pop with ease. We’re trying to get tackle on the Orthrus etc that are now trying to run, we pop a comet and then a Malediction. We’re still outnumbered in their home system but they don’t seem to want to stay, we hold a Prophecy to see if that’ll tempt them back but the local smack has already started to indicate they’re done. We pop the Proph and Ghoulish adds one final insult to win the war in local chat as we jump out.

End the day 19 kills for 2 losses. About 4.3bil in isk on my KB, that doesn’t include all the pod kills we set up (around another 2bil). Not bad, but far from my most productive day.

Tuesday 18th October

Get onto comms to hear a Vargur has been spotted in Kamela in a large plex, I know they’re incredibly hard to hold down in there plus scouts are feeding back that local is steadily growing, maybe a trap, dunno. I ask the guys on grid to harass it, hoping it’ll warp to a gate. Quickly form Bhaalgorns and a couple of Guards with a Devoter for HIC scrams. I get the guys to the Kam gate in Kourmonen and pass our small fleet over to Baltrom as I’m in a guard myself. A friendly Tengu goes for tackle as 4 RR Stratios and a Geddon appear on grid. The Vargur hits his MJD and departs, the Tengu goes down quickly and the rest of our tackle are slow to react, only catching one Strat as our gang arrives. He goes down and also loses a mixed high/mid-grade slave pod. We give chase to a Nomen whos trying to run to Sosala, catch him as he decloaks in system, pop the ship and a mid-grade slave pod.

Later on I form a small RR Algos gang, myself in a Magus to give links + boosh. We check out Arzad as a little bit earlier a few of us were skirmishing in there with the Amarr. We push a plexing gang out of a medium and immediately warp to a small catching an Amarr dessy gang as it tries to enter, we shouldn’t have caught anything outside the plex but 4 of them error and die. We push in and wait to see who’ll come. I noticed there’s only 25 seconds left on the plex timer and invite Minmil to send in a ship to reverse the plexing effort, in the hope it’ll spur the Amarr into action. It doesn’t, but Minmil are coming in an Enyo and Punisher fleet with logi. We’re 11, they’re ~25. I let the first land and enter our plex, we go for the first Punisher to burn towards us, the rest of the fleet is streaming in and we can’t brawl through their numbers with what we have, I cycle my MJD and boosh to give us a bit of range as the frig dies. Their tackle continuing the chase and I start to call targets as they close, however I don’t spot their Magus spooling up his own MJD and they land close to us. We’re already aligned out, back to the medium, I’m a second too late to give the warp command and one of our guys gets caught.

We enter into the med and try to burn some range, I’m trying to kill off the first to land and reduce their numbers before committing to a brawl. However as they start to arrive I realise one of our guys is closer to the beacon than he is to me, I call at him but he gets tackled before he can get close enough to receive reps. I use the chance to warp and get set up again in the small but see them hot on our tail so we bounce and exit the system. They know their numbers gave them the upper hand and give chase until we reach Tzvi, we enter a small to set up again, it’s time to take them, however a second Magus that meets us to provide extra links and the grid maneuverability I need has an unfortunate DC on the acceleration gate. His ship is caught but fortunately his pod emergency warps out of harms way. Things are really not going my way so I give them the slip. We quickly gank a VNI running a combat site in Houla which we probe out and I stand the fleet down as we arrive safely home. I think about a slight upship to even the playing-field but decide they’re likely to run or spend an age reshipping to get their numerical advantage back and it’s getting late. It’s been a fun and hectic fleet as we’ve been moving around very rapidly, had luck been more on our side we would have had more kills to show for it but that’s the way things go sometimes.

I ship into an Osprey Navy and head back out, killing a Dominix one of our guys calls tackle on and a couple of other ships. It’s quiet for a while but we’re having fun on comms, telling stories about alliance mates to some of the newer guys and in general handing out a bit of banter to the usual late night crew.

Then the Vargur appears back on d-scan, same dude and he’s back at the large in Kamela. I only have a long point, not good enough, so I rush back to Auga whilst Baltrom sets the trap. There’s only a few of us active but we manage to rally enough alts to put tackle on each low-sec exit gate, all of which have a cyno. We send a couple of guys into the large to push him out and he warps to the Lamaa gate, everyone in system descends onto the gate, including some neutrals as they’ve already worked out whats happening and want the chance to whore. He jumps into Lamaa, he’s tackled but we wait for aggression before making a move, watching him slow-boat back to the Kamela gate. He makes it, which is fine as we’re all set on the other side, we’re short on webs but have enough scrams to stop him getting an MWD or indeed MJD cycle off we hope. He decloaks, Takeshi hero tackles in a Garmur, secondary scrams land as the Vargur red-boxes the frigate. Cyno goes up and we jump a Phoenix plus two Thannys, I bridge with a Devoter to seal the deal for tackle and he goes down quickly, it’s nearly as quick as the waiting neutral frigs are to ninja the loot from underneath our noses! A cheeky bugger had it away with 200mil in loot!

End the evening 15 kills 0 losses

Tuesday 25th October

I’m just getting home from work, parking the car and I can hear Slack pings coming through to my phone, simply saying “Caps to kill”. Casual dunk I assume, so I grab a drink while my PC boots. I should have got two and a snack as there was nothing casual about what was to follow.

Get on comms and logged in and ask Baltrom what he needs, but it looks like I’m too late and they are just cleaning up after triggering a bait Chimera into dropping to which they countered by bridging Bhaalgorns and a single FAX, they were just waiting on the Triage cycle to end to come home. I get into my own Bhaal when things start to kick off, SGGRN are spotted in local and I’m rushing to get my scout into Sisede. As their Nemesis lands and opens a cyno I can see in warp to their fortizar that they have caps undocked via d-scan, the guys on grid pop it quickly but not before a single FAX (I forget which) jumps through.
This has been boiling for a couple of weeks now, we’re itching to fight them but this is way outside our EUTZ prime and they are already formed, we’ve got a handful of guys in subcaps. SGGRN want an easy dunk.

Baltrom isn’t going to give them one.

Things are happening fast now, in just a few seconds I’m posting d-scans of their fleet of Machs, Triage, Dreads and a few carriers. We’re logging in our capital alts and rage pings are going out to get everyone we can. Their FAX opens its cyno and they pour through, immediately joined by Panic Attack, FETID and The Hell Legion dropping in from Metropolis. Cowardly moves and blue donuts just make us more determined to succeed. We cyno in our first wave of caps and add to the Bhaalgorns, we’re outnumbered on both fronts and I bridge through into a huge clusterfuck of dreads and triage.

The first stage is a dread brawl, we start trading. One of their Naglfars for one of ours, they lose another and one of ours follows. Then it’s 2 for 1 in our favor, then 3 for 1 of ours, then 5 and a Ninazu in the time it takes them to take down one of our Revs. We’ve won that battle, their dreads are all dead and we’re into killing FAX, they keep bringing more into the fight, but we’re replacing the dreads lost and have them pinned. Their Machs are dragging out the grid a little, but we’re on a roll neuting out those that are close to us and now only trading Bhaals and fighters for in-triage capitals. Holy ■■■■ this is great!

As the SGGRN machs pull range on us they’re staggering the FAX drops, dragging us farther from our initial drop of triage and dreads, we start to slowly work our way through them and then disaster strikes. Baltrom disconnects.

It takes a second a register but we quickly pick it up, Morvinn and Hydro0 are calling cap and sub-cap primaries respectively and I’m the anchor and we continue our plow through them, the close by FAX are cleared and we’re into carriers now, the Bhaal webs holding them down so our Revs, with their excellent projection can take them down. The whole grid is a mess of cap wrecks, abandoned drones and fighters but we keep pushing through them losing a couple of battleships occasionally for each carrier, and they’re losing a lot.

Our triage wing by now are screaming, they’re low or out of stront and cap charges and I’ve taken the subcaps outside their rep range, I turn us around but we’re still losing Bhaals, we need a fresh FAX to drop on us in our new position, now.

It’s not forthcoming, but as our last Bhaals die off and I’m called primary, our Lord and Savior the mighty Baltrom returns. His voice is a strange mixture of the soothing voice of an angel mixed with the rasp of an angry SS-Oberführer, he’s the glue that holds us together and he’s quickly getting up to date on the situation and reorganising his men. I rush my pod back to base, taking care to avoid smartbombs on the way. As I land on grid at our Fortizar, the guys have already re-shipped into Macherials and are ready to bridge.

I ■■■■■■■ love these guys, every.last.one.of.them.

We’re back on grid with our capitals, many of which are low on just about every resource that keeps them running, there modules burnt as far as their pilots can push them. Carriers are out of fighters and now just neuting platforms, but we can’t be stopped and they’re re-positioning where they can to get back into the fight. We need to secure the grid to save them and there are more triage to kill, and we do it. The SGGRN/S4UCE/FETID coalition are broken and leave the grid as their Machs start to fall. They leave system with a final, parting gesture of petty bitterness, popping the many captial wrecks they left on the field to deny us our hard earned loot as we babysit our last immobilised caps. Pirates don’t forget actions like this, we’ll want what we’re due.

Outnumbered, out of prime-time but never outclassed; SWEG are victorious. Over an hour and a half we took out all the caps they could throw at us until they either run out of ships or courage. And from looking at their lengthy blue lists and failed coalitions they have little of the latter.

Our motto; ■■■■ blues, shoot them all. Join us today and be something different.


Couple of new videos are up of fleet fights and an AAR to cover one:

Well this happened


Still looking for pilots, plenty of content to be had!
You can find us in our public channel, *** ctrl-q *** without the spaces.

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You’ll find us in the channel ***ctrl-q***


You’ll find us in the channel ***ctrl-q***

Join CTRL-Q, our weekly disco nights are going down well

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You can find us at the public channel “***ctrl-q***” (no “”)

Thursday 16th November.

I’ve a command destroyer fleet scheduled for tonight, however that gets bumped for something a bit more juicy.

Snuff have a Fortizar anchoring in Ignoitton, we watched NC/SC/SGGRN/S4UCE form hard against them last week in Lantorn, the former bringing ~150 lokis into a fight where Snuff already seemed to be outnumbered. ■■■■ it, we’ll help.

The baddies get wrecked and the Fort is saved.

We get back home after that brawl and straight away Hydro0 has a gang up and running. We’re in kitey cruisers, no logi. Catch a Minmil Tempest sitting in a large plex in Kamela and hold it as their frigs/dessies come in to try to rescue, i’m in a 100mn Phantasm and get tackled by a Merlin but pretty relaxed as we’re killing everything and I can just peace out at >5k m/s.

The 'Pest goes down but Minmil are re-shipping to Ruptures + Scythes with a dank 50/50 ratio…they come back to the large and we have a really fun time with them. Probing around the flanks of their fleet, dragging them away from the beacon to kill latecomers or trying to pick of stragglers, goes on for 30mins, one of them keeps re-shipping as if he doesn’t know what to do about us; Raven does nothing, nor Ferox, Tengu gets caught as his fleet warps off and is into hull by the time they land having to rescue him, but he still wants to smack in local…ok bro. Finally someone else is sensible and brings a Huginn and our fun is over.

Grab a couple of quick ganks on our way home and dodge a hotdrop, 10/10 was fun.

End the night; 56 kills for 1 loss.

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You can find us in our channel ***ctrl-q***


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Our public channel is ***ctrl-q***