[Low Sec] Order of the Shadow [The Revenant Order]

Order of the Shadow is a High/Low Sec multi-faceted Corporation that has a little bit of everything for every type of pilot. We take pride in being able to evolve and adapt to our situation in New Eden, and have been doing so quite well for approximately eight years.

We have quite a few things to offer, including a tight-knit, family environment, forging bonds and friendships that make it fun and interesting to log in, even if it is to just to hop into comms and bulls***.

Here are a few of the things we offer:

  • Stability and Continuity
  • Experienced FCs
  • PvP Training
  • Close Proximity to Multiple Market Hubs
  • Target-Rich Environment (NBSI)
  • Low Sec Living/Null Sec Roaming
  • Wormhole Daytrips
  • A Wealth of Experience to Draw From
  • Rich Corporation/Alliance History
  • Black Ops/Capital Support Capabilities
  • Industrial Support
  • Max Orca Mining Boosts
  • Capital Production
  • Jump Freighter Service
  • Discord

We are currently in the market for the following:

  • Gunslingers (Battlecruiser/HAC/T3C Minimum)
  • Cloaky Freaks (Bombers/Recons/Black Ops)
  • Heavy Hitters (Battleship/Capital)
  • EWAR
  • Logistics (Cruiser Preferred)
  • Scouts and Hunter/Killers (Interceptors/Cloaky Hunters)
  • Fleet Commanders

What We Expect of you:

  • Reasonable Activity Level (RL Comes First)
  • Respect Toward your Corporation/Alliance Bros
  • Reading and Following our Alliance Charter
  • A Working Microphone
  • Full ESI Check

Also, our alliance, The Revenant Order is currently in the market for a few more corporations (mid-to-large size PvP or Industrial corporations).

In Game Channel: TRO Pub
Mail in Game: Jack Carrigan or Trianna Relani
Alliance Webpage: The Revenant Order


We are still seeking out dedicated combat pilots as well as industrial pilots who aren’t afraid to get a little blood on their hands.

Join TRO Pub or send me a mail in game.

We are still seeking active pilots.

We are still recruiting pilots for both combat and industrial operations.

Join In-Game Channel: TRO Pub
Mail: Jack Carrigan

We are still recruiting pilots for both combat and industrial operations.

Join In-Game Channel: TRO Pub
Mail: Jack Carrigan

The Revenant Order is also currently seeking both combat-based and industrial-based corporations.

Looking for miners!

We are still seeking combat pilots, mission runners, miners, and other roles.

Join: TRO Pub

Mail: Jack Carrigan

Do you have an itchy trigger finger?

Or can you mine for hours on end only to build awesome stuff?

We want you!

We are still seeking active combat pilots, indybros and mission runners.

Where’s the beer and tacos?

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Beer and tacos are available to members only.

Tacos are only available on Tuesdays.

Sundays are Mongolian BBQ night.

Also, I don’t know where your cat went.

Still seeking miners, mission runners, and gunslingers.

We’re still looking for active pilots.

Want a real challenge? Look for the inactive pilots. Those b**tards are hard to find! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:

Just a friendly bump and troll!

We need more folks to join up and shoot things with us.

We need more miners, builders, scanners and combat pilots.

We’re still recruiting.

Channel: TRO Pub

Or send me a mail in game

Still looking for combat and industrial pilots.

Would like Black Ops pilots and cloaky hunters

Current or former military preferred