Low Sec PvP - Filthy Peasants is recruiting

Come and join us in Solitude! Offer of free shoes is still standing but they may be a mismatched pair!

Our new hunting grounds in Syndicate have been a great success! Still Recruiting!

Great weekend for us! Still recruiting!

Come join us in lowsec and try out the GALA VIP events! Our KB shows great hunting opportunities :slight_smile:

Still recruiting!


Still recruiting! Join Open Filth and make sure you talk to one of our directors.

Interesting, I’ll chill in your public channel :smiley:

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Hey Bruce if you didn’t get the chance to talk to anyone in our public channel (it can get busy in there) feel free to mail me or give me a convo when you’re around.

Otherwise any of the Filthy Peasants in Open Filth can help answer any questions you have.

I look forward to chatting with you.

Also: STILL RECRUITING :slight_smile:

Still recruiting! Sorry if anyone had trouble getting attention in our public channel. It’s become pretty popular to hang out in there and if you are interested please speak to a filthy peasants member.

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

We had an AMAZING Monday where we had 25 people in a blops fleet. Not very typical of us but we’re definitely alive and still looking for anyone with a pulse who likes pvp and lowsec.

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting!

Still recruiting more peasants for the fields!

Still recruiting!

Come live in Solitude with us!

Still recruiting! Come join Open Filth and have a dirty conversation with us!

Still recruiting for all those who wish to build a pirate empire in lowsec :slight_smile: