Low Sec PVP- Negative-Impact

We are seeking like-minded and motivated pilots who can fit into the culture of our corp. Most of our corp range in age from 20-40 years of age, with more members being past the age of 30. Most of our members have a family. We do not tolerate PC culture. If you cant handle standard ■■■■ talk then we do not want you.

Currently we are in lowsec in pursuit of content around the Placid area. Our goals are to grow our corp and alliance while maintaining a level of content our members are satisfied with.

We are looking to recruit a very small number of new members. We do not wish for our new members to get lost in a wave of new recruits. With only a few new members we can properly focus on their needs.

Our bread and butter is small gang pvp. Other, less prevalent things, include: blops, gate camping, ganking, wardecs, and WH diving.

We can offer:

Free logistics
Free Alpha pvp Ships
Knowledgeable veterans
You must be:

A motivated new player OR a casual veteran
Willing to learn
Ability to follow directions
In possession of a working microphone
Able to use teamspeak and slack(similar to discord)
Submit to an API check and voice interview
Have thick skin
Send me a message here or in game at : Matthew Harrisai or murph Antollare

Or join our public chat channel “NEG1 Pub” and ask for a recruiter

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