Low Self Esteem [LSE-R] Recruiting [IRC] ✩Active Null Sec Corp✩ Paragon Soul

** Update for month of July** This month we’re offering a 250M ISK bonus to any new members who stay 30 days, are active, and have over 10 kills in their first month. Join our pub chan for more info!

Do Chuck Norris jokes no longer make you laugh? Has Joe Dirt puns left you dead inside? If so, you may suffer from Low Self Esteem…

Low Self Esteem is looking to expand. Whether you’re a salty vet’, or somewhat new, we have a spot for you. We’re currently located in Paragon Soul within the IRC Alliance, directly on the border of Goons space. Plenty of PVP action with a heavy Industrial backbone. We have something to offer for everyone.


  • ESI Verification
  • 20M SP Minimum
  • TS3/Voice Comms Required
  • Low Self Esteem…

Services Offered:

  • PVP Fleets daily/weekly with capital support
  • LVL5 Military Index Ratting
  • Max Rorqual Mining and boost
  • Ice Belt Mining
  • T2 Manufacturing
  • Incursion fleets weekly
  • Null-sec training
  • TS3 & Discord Voice Comms
  • Corp Buyback Program
  • 5% tax rate

Please join our public channel “LSE Pub” for more information.

Fleet Ops - Pew Pew Video: Dead Rorqual…

Come check out our recruitment channel for more info “NGA4L Public”.

Some recent action with IRC and friends… :slight_smile: Click Here


Today a member found out he had high self esteem… we worked through it… BUMP.


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