Lower power consumption when player docked for long time

A lot of players, especially multiboxers don’t log off and close client for long time. That consumes a lot of power since graphic cards are running quite hard even if character is docked. Why not decrease power consumption if player does nothing or just talks in chat while docked up? Make a configurable timer (like 5 minutes or so) in client, so it’ll decrease graphics settings and turn off any animation to decrease power consumption. Let’s reduce CO2 output and save Earth, huh?

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I heard people breath out CO2, are there any ways you could reduce the amount of CO2 you output? To save “Earth.”


CCP went the other way, docking now gives you AAA graphics and the performance requirements of such thing. It could literally have just have been a splash screen or static image when you were docked. But no. For some reason there has to be poorly optimized AAA graphics when you are docked. I say poorly optimized because it runs bad om AMD integrated graphics cards. But who cares about those poor laptop gamers. Am i right? Peace out

control shift f9

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