Reduce EVE online CO2 emissions

Sometimes i am docked for a long time just playing around with fittings and the PC gets really warm. I tried to find how to disable 3D station interiors because i dont want my PC to use the energy it requires for the 3D interior. Imo CCP can help reduce the CO2 emissions by enabling a feature where players can disable the 3D station interiors which will reduce the load on PCs for players who are docked and thus their CO2 emissions. It seems like a win win imo.




In the winter you can turn off your heating, and use station spinning to stay warm.


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did some resarch.


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Can we talk about not playing with the 3D scenes for a second? It sort of blows my mind. First of all, its effecient? But also, its easier to imagine you are in a pod when the 3D scenes are disabled. And its easy to imagine that that is excactly what its like. Inside the pod you just see icons floating about. Hard to put into words.

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A lot of folks appreciate the 3d and the artwork that the teams work so hard to deliver. You can also always play in potato mode


of course, but does it need to be on all the time?

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Not if you don’t want it to be. That’s literally why it’s there. Turn it off whenever you want. Who are you talking to?

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To be fair, I would appreciate a low-resource alternative when I’m docked up.

As workaround I’ve been playing on potato mode since they ‘upgraded’ the structure interiors, but I would love to be able to appreciate ship skins again without my (relatively new) laptop overheating while docked.

Yes, pressing ctrl-shft-f9 every time I dock or undock also works, but gets tiresome.

What is so hard to understand? 3D Scenes off is cool, with some fine tunement it can replace “first person camera” probably. And instead be renamed to “In-pod” camera or something. This way you have an easy way to toggle the 3D scenes on and off and more players will know about it. But its also a cool way to design a game, because look at minecraft, unturned, battlebit, they are all 3D games but they are like “we dont need the high fidelity” and thats part of their appeal. Thats what makes them different and gets them attention. Now imagine this. EVE online being like WE DONT NEED 3D AT ALL, that would be a biiig fu to the triple a companies. /rant off

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What did I just read.


You are still playing in 3d space with the math of objects turned on, just graphics are turned off and you cant see outlines of objects, which is a bit of a problem as these objects have bounding spheres that come in the way while getting into warp.

true but i have to admit that the pitch black background makes it seem infinite like space

It is very similar to what original first Elite game had, just with even less 3d displayed.

Alt + F4 > unplug PC > bask in warm glow of just having personally saved the world


Charging an EV at home uses more power than multi boxing… so there’s that!

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Why is emission of CO2 a problem? You know CO2 is plant food right?