Station Trading - Suggestions for main hubs, less hot laptops while sitting in Jita & more atmosphere

Hello folks,

I really love being in Jita and doing my daily station trading routine. While doing this, my laptop gets a bit hot, don’t understand why. No issues with heavies like Flight Simulator and DCS.

Wouldn’t it be nice to swap the ship-parking-space screen for some “sitting in front of a terminal”-like experience for traders and let the rig “catch some air”? Think of Blade Runner and the famous balcony scene, swap it with a club while you sit there in front of your “tablet” hearing all the cyberpunk sounds and working on trades.

Most of the time we dudes don’t need heavy graphics while trading and a hot laptop.


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The extra heating from Eve started with their Incarna release, see my topic on it here Eve runs (metaphorically) hotter than other games

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I would assume you are in super potato mode (ctrl + shift + F9) and with v-sync (interval one) on?

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