Better Alternative To Jita

Hey, so i get bad lag when exiting jita, usually its anywhere from 5sec to even a minute or more when it tanks. Any high sec areas that can be recommended? I’m even considering trading in the new player academies

Jita is the most complete market, second best is Amarr. Much less traffic there so performance should be better. Maybe invest in better hardware or tune down the graphics settings (temporarily). Also disabling tactical overlay and brackets help when in space. In all cases Jita will still be laggy sometimes regardless of your hardware.

Personally I use Jita only for haul-in/out, and “live” in Perimeter. For safety I use instadock and insta-undock bookmarks.

Yeah i’m looking for a area that’s in high sec, where i can trade and not suffer lag. especially as a new player i can’t compete with the established traders

jita, amarr, dodixie, hek are the four biggest hubs
there are many small hubs like rens, orvolle
use Fuzzwork Market Data to research what regions are light on the goods you want to trade

PS a minute to change systems is indicative of a problem. if you have an HDD rather than SSD that’s probably the problem. otherwise i’d check your cooling/dust, memory quantity, memory max speed and memory actual speed

Its not my system as my other games run smoothly, elder scrolls online runs smooth without dips, problem is isolated to eve only, game is installed to the ssd

Head on down to Gallente space.

Dodixie, because at least its not Rens.

i’d go straight to collecting logs reproducing it, then create a bug report with F12 and attach them.

Any recommendation on high sec areas? i generally stick to caldari

Especially if you are a new trader, you should avoid Jita. Even IF someone places a sell-order for a very good price, count on the fact that within minutes some active trader with a huge wallet just buys it all and resells it instantly (or move it away to his production site). And if someone offers to buy for a very high price, count on the fact that some veteran trader has a whole hangar full of stockpiled stuff he can throw on that order a lot faster than you can figure out a trade route to buy cheap and sell high.

Use Amarr, there is a lot less activity to compete against and some stuff is really attractive there from time to time (PI mats, ICE mats, MoonMats).

Thanks, i’ll keep it in mind, someone sent me 300mil for a gila to sell, listed it up but sadly no sales for a week now

You can always just sell it immediately. No broker fees involved.

yeah, 30-35mil loss

Starting to frequent Amarr as less local spam and am now thinking of moving out there.

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