New "UI-Only" toggle option now on Singularity

Hello all,

With the latest patch on Singularity, we have added a the ability to toggle the 3D view when in space, or in your hangar. The ability to toggle off the 3D scene will allow quick access to a high-performance, low-GPU-usage mode when viewing the 3D scene is not necessary. When toggled with a keystroke (Control+Shift+F9, and can be re-binded), it will eliminate the need to go through settings menus, and will allow nearly instant reactivation of the 3D view when desired.

This has been a feature requested a few times from the community, and has been developed with collaboration from the CSM.

We’re looking forward to hearing your feedback on this mode, or if there are any issues you encounter please create a bug report while on Singularity with the details of your issue.

Fly safe o7


That was really fast. Great job!

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Can I get an option to replace the 3d scene with a nice Excel background?


Is it April first?

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Oh this is amazing! I’m glad you still show the relative position of objects in space as well as the general direction of the sun through a gradient change.


This is great.

The removal of static station interior badly hurt doing industry/trading on low end machine (it used to replaced the 3d interior with simple static image. And in practice a low end machine would just result in black image).

Now the feature returns and also extends to space.


This is great. Will it be allowed for tools like eve-o preview ( ) to do this automatically for clients that are not focused or would it be breach to eula since it would be technically simulating user input?


Automatic input from a third party tool is not allowed. Please refer to the EVE-O Readme which covers your question (it must not be used to broadcast any user input).


This sounds great, and I like the idea of automatically switching off rendering for clients out-of-focus. It doesn’t sound too hard to make that an option, but I imagine there’s a bit of delay when switching through clients (like tabbing through them) when they all need to reinitialize rendering?

Can we get an in-client toggle that auto-disables 3D rendering when the client loses focus instead?


Can i just ask why was this ask for again? I mean what PCs are people running if its struggling in potato mode?

That’s not a bad idea. I’ll pass it on to the appropriate people on the graphics team.


We’re hoping this will be useful both for players who want to lower GPU load on very low-end machines and for those who are engaged in fleet fights with thousands of players on grid that might be very taxing for their systems to render.


Would you guys also consider the option of “UI-Only Upon Docking” so the anomalous unforgiving hardware perfomance succubus that is the station environment won’t explode my computer because it somehow manages to engulf 20%+ more resources than the in-space performance we can experience the glorious pixelated outside environment when in space but straight-to-business when docked?


Very nice change. Thanks

So after years of fighting the ‘Spreadsheets in Space’ meme… you’ve decided to lean in? :slight_smile:

Seriously, though, this is really handy for a lot of purposes.


unlike your posting :boomroasted:

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As you probably know, we used to have a setting that replaced the 3D view in hangars with a still image. It was removed as part of a pass to simplify the settings menu by taking out lesser-used settings.

Not sure if bringing that setting back would be on the table, but in the meantime I suggest binding this toggle to a convenient key and toggling when you dock or undock. It takes effect instantly and you will probably forget you’re doing it.


This seems like very low-hanging fruit, why not re-implement it? Think of the power savings! :smiley:

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