Lowsec Heros - solo/micro gang PVP

(Duke Paradox) #1

MIN0R THREAT [HA1L] is a social organization for solo and micro gang PVP junkies. We currently call Gallente lowsec home but we’re nomads looking for the Gut Fite. We offer a laid back atmosphere where our diplomacy does explosive damage and has a muzzle velocity of 2970 feet per second. Come join the Black Sheep of MINOR THREAT and become a lowsec hero.

What we offer:

  1. Discord Voice and Chat Server
  2. Help for new PVPers
  3. Relaxed atmosphere
  4. No Blues or politics
  5. No api (thieves and spais welcome)
  6. My love and admiration

We have three rules:

  1. Honor 1v1s if offered
  2. Honor ransoms if offered
  3. Respect your fellow Blacksheep

Contact Duke Paradox for more information or stop by the public channel: Out of Step

(Duke Paradox) #2

Undock and shoot stuff.

(Duke Paradox) #3

1v1 at the sun.

(Duke Paradox) #4

Undock and make lowsec great!