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I read where you need the items and isk for an item in LP but what if you have both then why can’t I buy the item I have all the LP and items and ISk for?
Well, I don’t now but did, so I bought some other items instead of thinking I need to buy something first.
So will do missions again until I have the required LP for but still at one time I had the required LP item and ISk so why couldn’t I buy?
Has the LP store been kind of phased out or…?

LP store works correctly for me. You probably ■■■■■■ up.
Maybe the items where not in your hangar? or you have LPs for another faction?

Like in trading situations, I guess you should put the items into the station cargo, which means keeping them in the ship might be not suffcient. And make sure these goods are packaged, already used modules have to be repackaged before trading.


LP stores are unique to each corporation (not faction) and the requirements are specific. A list of what’s available from whom with cost is available at http://www.ellatha.com/eve/LP_Stores.asp

Items require some combination of LP, cash, T1 items and tags. If you can’t afford something, the store will display the item and the missing portion of the payment in red:

Item must be in hangar, and if you had the LP store open while moving the item to the hangar, you may need to close, and reopen the LP store in order for it to refresh.

Krimnaal, can you provide more detail?

What item do you want?
Which faction LP store are you trying to get it from?

The LP store has absolutely not been phased out, though aesthetically it looks different from those in years past (if you’ve been on hiatus)

This is happening to me. I have everything correct and still will not let me purchase. I purchased the T1 Missles yesterday so they’ve been in the hangar for a day, so it’s not an issue of what was where when.

This will sound like a strange question, asking just because it’s not on the screen shot. You have 2,400,000 Isk in your wallet right now?

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