[LRMCO] Is Looking For Real G's Who Don't Need to Flex

Hello, I am the CEO of a recently formed corp, LostRock Mining Corporation, and we are looking to add more friends to the group. We are part of a recently formed alliance of organized and determined corps. We have a solid group of people running the show so everything runs smoothly, but we also realize this is a game and always have a good bit of fun together.

I don’t want to sugar coat anything and I prefer to be open and honest when I build relationships. To that end, we are a new organization and still growing so we can’t offer an experienced player with higher expectations the level of content they may be used to in Nullsec or high-level WH’s. So, the most we can offer while we are in our infancy is:

•Regular Mining Ops in solid Highsec system (Boosts of course)
•Moon Mining on good moons
•PVP roams for practice and fun
•Level 4 Caldari Missions
•Establishing ability to run regular Incursions
•Discord for comms, as well as Alliance website for planning and general communication.
•0.0% Tax Rate

What we can also offer is the opportunity to be part of an alliance with a strong base to expand and grow from and become something even greater.

We have an active group of players, you’ll see a minimum of 15 members on in the alliance on a slow day, and 50+ on event days, so there’s always someone to fleet up with for activities.

We only require that you:
•Have Discord for comms. (Voice Chat Optional)
•Attend 1 Alliance event per week
•Be able of flying or training into Mining Barge
•Willing to train into fleet doctrines
•Able to respond to and take orders, and to learn

If you’d like to know more, or if you own a corp and would like to join our 250 (and growing) member strong alliance, just mail Ram’Kon in game, and I’d love to tell you more!

Fly safe,

Ram’Kon o7

Daily bump, come and talk to me!

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