Returning Player Former Nullsec Mining/Defense

About me:

  • Have 19 million skill points.

  • Skills focus mainly on mining as well as specific fits (whatever the alliance put out during wartime IE: Cerberus offensives, condor tackle, etc).

  • Very familiar with fleet commands and etiquette.

  • Former corporation moved on and Former alliance of 600+ is all but disbanded.

  • Love active corporations.

  • ALWAYS willing to assist, will never ignore fleet formations or needs of a corporation.

Looking for:

  • Preferably a Null sec corporation.

  • Corporations that facilitates mining as a source of income such as ore buyback.

  • Corporations that go on a roam from time to time.

Would really love to start playing the game again. Please let me know if you are at all interested.

Hello we are a small corp of mostly indie with part time combat and pvp. we dont currently live in null but are looking to grow enough to comfortably move there contact myself or GameBoiBoi (KaiserGrimm) on our discord if you have any questions.

If you’d be interested in whs which is the hardest place to live in, feel free to read this.

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