LS and HS PVP/Indy/PVE corp recruiting all time zones

Who are we? This corp was formed when I fell off the wagon and re subbed to the game after a 6 month break. Now we are recruiting to build back a player base. To speak to a recruiter join the in game channel ‘Off The Wagon’.

Why join our corporation? Why join our alliance?
Well, to gain from the social and organisational aspects of the game.

Join fleets, PVP, PVE and yes even mining… work with others, so for us that means join voice comms, participate, but then also take time to do your own thing when you want to. Join voice comms, even while you are doing your own thing, talk to some great folks, take the piss, and generally just get to know us.

Make use of the citadels and athanors, use the services, enjoy the low taxes and watch your isk pile up, so for us that means join the one alliance ice op per week when ever you can to help the alliance pay for those services, the social activity in these fleets can be a lot of fun.

Make use of the scheduled or casual pvp, regular roams, what that means for us is you agree to train the doctrine ships, then go get them blown up while having fun in fleets.

There are heaps of benefits to joining us, we are a pretty social alliance, we are well organised, and all while having fun in the game.

We do have some pretty minor corp expectations of new members:

  • Minimum 5mil SP, lower might be accepted on a case by case basis
  • Must do the following ASAP after joining corp
    – Set up and be active in Discord for voice comms
    – Set up Fleetup so you know when fleets are and what the doctrine ships are
    – Move to our home and base yourself there
  • Must have all core defence doctrine ships within 60 days of joining if you are a low SP player or 30 days if you have existing skills (these are fixed maximum time frames, shorter would be better) But don’t worry. this is a pretty easy train it won’t take you long.
  • Must join a minimum of 1 alliance pvp fleet per month, but to be honest the more pvp the better.
  • Must join all friday ice fleets if online, or a minimum of 1 per month, but if you are online you need to join

Other than these points, have fun.

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