LS mining group?

Im looking for a group I can join for some LS mining. Im also looking for a station to do reactions. Plz let me know if you guys got a laid back group that i can join for a little bit of chatter and mining.

I don’t enjoy tip toeing about LS scurrying around like a cockroach.


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Still looking for a LS group.

So you’re looking for content but aren’t really able to contribute anything meaningful to a corporation to help create such content as you aren’t willing to leave your current player corporation and just expect someone to give you access rights to a lowsec reactions facility?

Why not try to create opportunities within your current corporation? Facilities are pretty easy to set up with an extra character slot and a holding corp, in the space of your choosing.

Sounds exactly like something a thieving cockroach spy would say, but I digress.

Whereabouts are you located?

I was wondering when some1 was going to post some dumb s**t like that.

Im not looking for content im looking for resorcess.

Nothing is free my boy.

Not every corp is able or willing to do something like that. I Have to think of the others as well as myself.

I don’t have the words to deal with that level of face palm.

Doesn’t matter anymore my guy i got it sorted.

If they think im useful to them then they will try to win me over. Guess what? They liked my knowledge on indy stuffs and my SP lvl and they went out of their way to recruit me. I Got a nice retirement package as well…

Same thing :slight_smile:

And yet here you are asking for free stuff.

It’s really easy my friend, if your corp CEO/Directors can’t get something like that rolling for your corporation then they either don’t know what they’re doing or don’t care and aren’t ‘thinking of the others’ as you say. My suggestion would be to get out of such a hard-up corporation and join one with with players who know what they are doing and who are willing to put in time and effort to build something worth your time.

This is exactly how a spy or thief would try to downplay that logical observation.

Happy to hear you found something though!

All you need is BASIC game knowledge here. You don’t even need common sense…

At this point im 100% sure you are speaking while you have no idea what you are talking about. It’s clear im zigging and your zagging tho.

Again Your ability to make me face palm is out of this world. Again I
don’t have the ability to deal with such idk


Create character on free character slot. Create neutral holding corp. Anchor structure as neutral holding corp. It’s not that hard and i’m quite sure I understand what i’m talking about being the manager of multiple holding corps with multiple structures serving an industrial alliance that prefers to stay out of wars, but it’s ok if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

I was genuinely interested in what you could offer for my resources and security but if you can’t have that conversation then I suppose the answer is ‘nothing’ and I can’t see why anyone would be happy with that arrangement given the security risks involved.

I personally don’t let neuts anywhere near my mining ops or facilities without extensive background checks at a minimum and usually some kind of isk arrangement where you pay a set fee or percentage for the boosts and security we provide you. I’m simply putting the spy/thief argument forward for the sake of any other corps who may be reading this that may not be aware of the risks involved in inviting a neutral player to the party, especially in lowsec.

But good luck!

You left out so so much. im convinced even more that you have no idea what you are talking about.

Wow with your rambling you answered your own question.

Glad to see you are looking out for others. but next time put some thought into it.

That is FAR from any thought.

Anyways i have a corp im happy with and it has the stations and security i need as well as open orders for me to profit on.

There really is no need to keep this Joke of a convo going

Request Lock

I generalized yes, I can walk you through it step-by-step if you decide you’d like to play the game rather than expecting others to find your content for you.

If you had provided more info in your OP I wouldn’t have had to ask :slight_smile:

Weak reply. iv already owned stations b4. There is more to it then popping it out there (not talking about equipment/rigs/fuel ect)

You do realize that you are trying to argue/sound smart about something I had no control over and now no longer need…

Hows left field treating you?

I provided what i needed. after that it was up to people to provide what they wanted in return. You know basic give/take…

Guess what it worked. At this point i have no idea why you keep rambling. i think you need attention and like to try and sound smart.

If you keep trying to get attention from me i’ll start entertaining myself with an ad hominem approach because I don’t really see any point to this joke of a conversation. Nor do i see any argument from your side hence ad hominem aka “make em cry”

:thinking: I am simply responding to your remarks but it’s difficult when you keep back pedaling lol

Which is why I brought up the topic of setting up your own facilities and started the dialogue of why it may or may not be practical for you to do so. You genuinely seem uneducated around the topic of setting up structures so I simply wanted to provide some clarity…

Genuine questions and advice friendo, if my phrasing offends you or you feel attacked because I implied that maybe you’re looking for something for nothing while highlighting the security risks of what you’re asking for, then feel free to reply with constructive answers but I’ve yet to see any.

glad you wasted my time with advice that didn’t fit. you so smart. everybody wishes they could be you when they grow up.

You are not really replying to anything other then trying to toot your own horn. no1 back peddled on anything.

I don’t want to point out that if we could have done that then we would of. Also b4 you go into a “i r smart” loop trying to explain something I doubt you understand just know that wasn’t an option. Hence the entire thread.

Best part is you never did that…
Guess you failed at trying to sound smart… No1 is shocked

that sort of constructive answer?

Bro go eat a snickers and report me for hurting u.

EDIT: spent to much time around luther and ended up typing something stupid. Had to remove it.
EDIT 2: Screenshot by Lightshot 30+ min later. and hes still going. this better be good.

You used the word in your OP, don’t get mad at me for using it in my reply to you lol

You keep saying that you had the issue sorted by the time I replied and yet there was no request to close the topic until the bad man came along to ask you some questions. Seems like back pedaling to me. Did you really find someone who is interested or are you just saying that to make yourself look smart? :face_with_monocle:

And yet any young CEO to stumble across this gem of a post would now have a better understanding of the consequences of inviting entitled neuts to fleet up in lowsec thanks to your behavior and one of my previous posts which you wouldn’t bother highlighting because you only criticize things when it’s beneficial to you and have no ability to take constructive criticism.

Do you talk like this to save time or because you’re 12 years old? I didn’t say any of that.

I love Snickers, you sure you don’t want one yourself?

" This topic will close 3 months after the last reply"

I also flagged the post for the mods to lock it…

Closer to the weird drunkle then a bad man.

what does backpedaling mean?

You prob already searched me 3,094 times.

Yet another polished turd from you. well my trash your treasure. I have no idea what you are rambling on about. maybe in 50 more post i will be able to go through everything and get the 1 off topic post you are trying to vomit on me.

Um come up with an argument or something that has to do with the thread. sofar you just tried to sound smart and useful (dare i say you want to sound needed)
Anywho if you ever manage to come up with something other then wasting time then i’ll debate it with you. until then there is nothing to criticize other then you.


Feel free to give any criticism at this point i’ll take toxic. just be on subject. Wait its sorted so you can’t be on subject.

Sorry thought id role play as you and waste everybody’s time. To those that are reading this sorry. you will never get these few min back.

@luther whats his snooze it. do you think you can get on topic yet? The topic WAS “I’m looking for a ls group to mine with and chat with” and “I’m looking for a station to do reactions”
The thread is Not a guide about setting up stations or using alts to make neutral holding corps. Or what your “extensive background checks” are.

The thread is not about whether or not you think me approaching the community for help/assistance is “asking for free stuff.”


Everything you say seems to be on par with that.


Closing at the polite request of OP