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A word of encouragement, I guess for noobies and non-combatants in general.

As a junior member of the mining corp Anest Iwata I’ve been briefed on their history and have formed some thoughts on the group and EVE in general. The corp has lost a gjillion vessels over the years, most of them mining rigs. Most of the losses have been at the hands of gangs in low sec, where allegedly the real profit lies.

On occasion, they have tried to protect themselves, all attempts have ended in spectacular failure. I’m gonna say most of these have been the result of inexperience with war ships. Poor tank, poor armament, even forgetting to take the safety off and running red.

The decision to mine low sec was initiated by the value of glare crust at the time. 500k ISK each cubic meter was hard to pass up, although somebody should have realized the collateral cost was prohibitive. Doggedly the group kept at it and started to turn a profit. That worked until the ice dropped in value to maybe 200k or there abouts.

At one time, the general reaction, as it tends to be among non experienced players, was whining. “Why do you pick on defenceless minors?” and other words to that effect (more than a few four letter expletives were uttered in chat)

Eventually a more mature, realistic point of view emerged. “That’s EVE, we need to learn to deal with it and keep working”. The major concern became “how much money are we losing?” Barges are expensive, at least to us, and their loss cut into our profit. A system evolved to keep our barges and transports safe. We were able to run gate camps and such on a regular basis and get our ore to market.

Losses of all types of craft dropped to a minimum just by being clever and outwitting our adversaries. That was a helluva lot of fun, especially when one of our Miasmos would escape absolute annihilation in full view of the PVP’s

Despite that, the low return on the ice was still discouraging. Then somebody realized that there was no profit at all n mining ice in lowsec. Mining ordinary ore in hisec would produce the same income. Recently the company has abandoned low sec altogether. We sold off all the barges and larger “security” vessels. Took in quite a lot of ISK as a result. The money was used to buy an entire fleet of Ventures with the right equipment for the job. It was discovered the Ventures could take in the same quantities of ore faster than the much larger barges.

Every member has a corvette with a tried and true fitting. All of them are equipped with weapons and oversized microwarp drives. They are quite fast and agile. The only larger ships we own are freebies, most of them frigates. Larger ships, like those free Gnosis CCP handed out, were sold off. The 100 mil ISK we made on each one added to our growing reserve of cash. Transitioning like this left the group with low cost vessels that could be thrown away and replaced at minimum expenditure.

The corp also funded training so that all members would be on the same level. The recent give away of points greatly accelerated this process (thanks CCP). Members also dropped thier subscriptions. Because they were now operating at a lower level the skills obtained through paid playing were no longer necessary.

Anest Iwata also ceased any planetary development. It wasn’t a good return for the time and money invested. The control centers were sold off and the corp was able to shed the planetary transports. More money in the reserves.

Now the group is operating at a minimum level and every cubic meter of ore is profit. The amount of free time available in the real world has increased tenfold with each member able to do other things with their computers. While the frigates mine, all manner of real work is being accomplished. In order to prevent accidental losses AFK is discouraged. All ships must be docked before bathroom or meal breaks, that sort of thing.

The only issue with all this is a common lack of interest. Members find themselves longing for the days when out-maneuvering other players put some spice in operations. Nowadays, we rarely run into any obstacles, not even NPC. BORING!!! It’s odd, a corporate goal has been achieved and found wanting, ruining the “game” for all of us. We actually miss those gangs preying on “us defenceless miners”

Since ratting gets kinda predictable, many of us have often considered turning to PVP, but maintaining ships of the line has always been too expensive. Since there doesn’t appear to be a profit in it that we are aware of (other than points on a killboard) it seems we would need to spend real money buying enough plex to keep things going. Throwing away game money is fine, throwing real money into a hole is not gonna be fun for very long. Better spent on other forms of wasting time.

For what it’s worth,


Déjà vu is hitting me hard at the moment.

So what do you need isk for?
That is why you are mining, is it not?
What do you do with it?

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I made first billion by ninja mining in low sec. I have soft spot for place and still go there/ do that when bored. A quick look at recent killboard for your corps and three things jump out: 1) do not travel to same places by capsule; 2) fit miasmos for cloaky warp/ ditch fourth warp stab; 3) fail-fit ice retrievers.

When routinely mining glare, my vessels were located at different belts. Visits to each were random and/ or when glare was mined out and/ or when local pie rats were too frisky. Travel between was via expedition frigate.

Exception was when hauling several hundred k of m3 out (glare or R64) by miasmos. Have lost expedition frigates but only one miasmos and that one was due to fat fingers at gate. As to retrievers, you will get pinged, so fail-fit to maximise ice yield/ reduce replacement time during times when you can mine. Getting dead in same vessels, using same fits, at same locations is bound to add to members’ frustration.

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What you are describing is the “unbearable lightness of being”, as applied to a game. How ironic, as most people play games (read books, drink, listen to music) as a means to provide an illusion of that very lightness in RL. And here you are complaining about it.

If you do like a challenge, in-game, then put up your own structures. That will attract attention. Then you have two choices, 1) get geared up so you can field a defense fleet, at call, 2) start making isk so you can afford to have spare structures in station and the money to replace them when they are splashed. I only do the later, but then I am a one-person operation, so defense fleet is out for me. So far I have lost one structure in low and two (?) in hisec. And still kicking. Use your imagination. That’s what immersing yourself in a book - or EvE - is about.

No idea where you get that idea from. From memory, venture tops out at 4.1 m3 per sec on each laser? This compares with around 8-12 on a barge? And that’s before at least one of your corp members skills up to give boosts. At top end, using exhumer (hulk), with T2 crystals and max boosted, you would aspire to top out at close to 26 m3 per sec for each strip miner. That then gives enough physical material to do “stuff” in your structures. And even if you are all alpha, at that sort of yield, you could all PLEX and be omega. The trick is working out how to PLEX, when alpha, in order to be omega in order to then mine enough to PLEX without turing it into a full time job!

dude , go to arzad , enlist your corp in the amarr militia
one char "militia chat " will open to you
the guy there will take care of you and your corp , they can be grumpy but you will learn a lot and they will eventually like you and help you
use frigates and destroyers , they are cheap and you guys CAN afford it
do faction warfare complexes for money
you guys would have a blast
im giving a little time atm but expect to find me there in the future
fly safe o7

That is so weird that the Amarr militia is so popular. Who would want to fight for those guys, from a RP perspective?

well , I’m an old atheistic hippie type IRL , i love to RP the religious zealot , its so different than me, i find it hilarious , plus the ships are golden

Well IMO as a HiSec newbie player. It sounds like those in charge made decisions when moving out of LowSec of never returning. To me, the move to HiSec should have been in order to regroup and maybe start scouting around for someplace different.

The corp might go looking for a HiSec island so that there is some good LowSec mining near by to encourage more outside interaction. No structures in the corp = no wardecs = loss of some fun.

But there is still one option that you as an individual can do, maybe it is time move to another corp that is a little more inline with what you want.

if you go to jita , set destination to arzad shortest route you will find a HS island super good to mine
i see lots of people there doing it wen I’m going home

OP, your story started out nicely. I thought “okay, they began in the gutter, but learned and adapted, and found their own place in the game.” And then just like that, your corporation reverted back into bottom-feeding worms by selling everything, moving to high-sec, and mining in Ventures and flying around in corvettes. Why? It’s like you spent all that time growing up, then you worked for a few months at a starter job without getting a promotion, and decided “nope!” and crawled back into your mothers’ wombs.

And yet, somehow the majority of the game’s player base is able to do this.

If you spend all your time calculating yields and cycling targets on rocks that never move or shoot back at you, of course you’ll never get to that point. But it is quite doable.

No, what you need to do is stop engaging in the lowest form of content that was reserved for week-old players.

What’s the logic behind that? You make it sound like this is a corporation of middle-aged people with jobs. Paying for cable or sports tickets is fine, but spending money on a video game that you enjoy playing is somehow taboo? Do you think the teenagers at the local mall will find out and make fun of you the next time you stop by to buy khakis? It is an utterly asinine line of thinking.


have a nice ship to start 4 free on me :smiley:

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When I read this post, I thought to myself “Wow, sounds like you’re part of a group with highly ignorant, inexperienced leadership who is ‘teaching’ said ignorance and bad practices to their newbies, and you have become a victim of their stupidity by engaging in boring activities, incurring losses, and not mastering the game” - most of which is not your fault.

This is one of the saddest, most pathetic things I’ve ever read in all of New Eden. I mean, there several things in the post that make me :facepalm: but that one really stuck out at me. Not criticizing you, just the environment in which you’ve operated in as created by corp leadership. You really should find a new corp, one that will actually teach you the game properly and allow you to spread your wings.

I remember once someone posted a “guide” to the forums with horrendously bad advice that was a great disservice to anyone who read it. @Destiny_Corrupted (who responded earlier in this thread) issued a fantastic reply to that thread, which I’ve bookmarked as a “Best of EVE Forums” post, and whose commentary basically applies to the leadership of your corp based on what you’ve said.

(I should probably quote this more often, so many posts “deserve” this commentary.)

For what it’s worth, I’ll toss you a bone: mission running is by no means the best EVE has to offer, but it’s a lot funner/safer/profitable than what you’ve been doing and can still be done in a relatively passive/semi-AFK fashion if so desired. If you’d like to get paid to run missions, I’m the Co-Head of the United Standings Improvement Agency [USIA], and we hire and pay mission runners handsomely to run missions they were probably already planning on running anyway. You don’t have to join our (unofficial) corp to work for us, but whether or not you join us or some other corp, as a member of our tight-knit community, we can teach you the ways of EVE while giving you some more experience and a fat wad of ISK with which to spread your wings and invest in your future. If you’d like to discuss future, I look forward to speaking with you on the USIA Discord server.


look amarr is LVL 4 in FW , LOOOTS OF MONEY to be made
and op claim to have a corp that have 100 million isk in assets and yet didn’t pick my contract for a aprox 20 million isk ship

like 20 % more total assets without doing nothing
so i presume there is no will to play

Nice write-up and an interesting view of the challenges faced by some activities.

However the end result seems to be that you’ve streamlined your operations down to the point where you can do the most boring type of mining in the safest area, to generate a reliable ISK stream which you have no apparent use for. So your members are getting bored.

I would suggest that you had more interesting avenues to pursue than “shed the risk, farm the ISK”, but for some reason decided that a reliable ISK stream with little interference was your goal.

You presumably started out with a game goal in mind other than “endlessly mine for ISK”. Perhaps it’s time to re-focus on those original goals.

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Forcing your corp members to highsec mine in ventures?

Sounds like useless corp management at play.

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Don’t it seem it was always more fun when you just started out, without a clue as to what you were doing, and laughable gear? Everything was a roll of the dice. Everything won was a celebratory victory. There was something new around every corner and the outcome was always in question, making success something to savor.

THEN, you wind up knowing what you’re doing, knowing what you need, knowing what everything costs, knowing where everything IS and poof that excitement is gone. Some folks are that way. They get a charge out of the birth and development. When maturation comes along the adventure is lost.

Maturation, and take it from a senior citizen, requires appreciating other things. It does require liking efficiency and seeing it in a job well done on a daily basis. It does offer taking pride in no longer having to take risks - not because the dangers are gone, but because they’re mastered.

It could well be one must live vicariously through new players to catch glimpses of that good old adventure that used to get the adrenaline pumping - the pucker factor as it were. There was that story about the old bull, and the young bull…

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