LSE looking for new/returning/veteran miners/indy (UK/EU timezone)

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Recruiter - James Johhnson

We are a friendly drama free corp who know life comes first with one rule, “dont be an idiot”, oh and only fly what you can afford. We are mostly grumpy bittervets of EVE and have a wealth of EVE knowledge that we can share. Joking aside we are a social corp for people who like to have fun after a hard days work and relax.

We offer a home for returning or veteran miners who might want to mine in peace, market trade or start there own production. There is no mandatory fleet ops, access to lots of BPOs and no tax.

We also offer help for new pilots who have an interest in mining, trading and indy. We can provide advice, ships and moons to mine 24/7.

Come chat to us in Last Stand Recruit Channel.

We offer (but not limited too)

  • Drama free gameplay
  • 24/7 HS moon mining (2 moons a day)
  • Mining fleets (optional)
  • Free mining ships to get you started
  • Optional Ore buyback based on Jita prices
  • NO TAX
  • Veteran players to learn from
  • Almost complete subcap BPO library
  • Wardec Free
  • Discord