Returning Indy Player (High Sec)

(Ladyfire Tsasa) #1

I have been away form Eve for about a year and I just downloaded and re-subbed my accounts. I am looking for a High sec Industrial alliance for mining, I am interested in getting into more industrial aspects such as manufacturing, PI ETC.

I can fly mining ships and haulers.
UK TimeZone
I work during the week days and play all evenings and weekends
I am self sufficient for ISK so I wont be begging
I can offer hauling services/support
I have a MIC and access to most voice communication platforms
I ama team player

I am not looking to be part of a 2 man corp with no one online, I want people to mine with and share knowledge of the game.

Drop me a message if your corp is interested in having me or if you have any questions.

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