[LTNS] Lightning Squad Socially Active Lowsec PVP

LTNS Still recruiting <3

LTNS Still Recruiting :slight_smile:

Still Recruiting

LTNS Still Recruiting

We’re looking for people. You should consider us.

Come ride the Lightning with us!

Recruitment is active \o/

Still Recruiting <3

recruiting again <3

Recruiting moar nerds

Recruiting nerds to help us fight the blob

You’ll find skillful, resourceful, funny, and down-to-earth people here -
and also me (none of the above).

Still recruiting nerds to join our small group of amazing nerds

We Always Looking for a new nerd to join the group <3

Recruiting moar nerds

recruiting nerds <3

Recruiting Nerds


Recruiting nerds <3

Recruiting more people wanting lowsec pvp