Low Sec Pirate Corp Lightning Squad Recruiting EUTZ / USTZ Pilots

LTNS is actively recruiting PVP oriented players for EU and US time zone slots. Our corporation has a well maintained and protected Low Sec pocket with Alliance support which provides various methods for regular content.

What we can offer:

  • Skilled pilots and FCs to learn from and fly with
  • Active coalition with frequent content
  • A “Family First” culture
  • Alliance level support
  • Solid SRP Program
  • ISK Making opportunities
  • TS3 and Discord servers

What we’re looking for:

  • Minimum of 15m skill points [ Recommended ]
  • Willingness to participate in, but not limited to: small gang roams, gate camps, pirating, and mid to large scale fleet combat.
  • Mature attitude with a sense of humour

Whether you’re looking to make a change or simply seeking a new and thriving community,
drop by our in game channel Lightning Squad PUB and speak with us today.


LTNS is growing quickly. We have active fleets daily.